I Really Want a Shabby Apple Dress

Shabby Apple is the place to be for any fashion savvy lass. 
I love their vintage-inspired styles.
The fact that they have dress sizing for us curvy girls is a big plus!
These are only 3 of the dresses I adore.
I want to wear L'Artiste in Paris.
El Capitan would take me to the Australian Opera House.
And Madison Ave was meant for New York City.
I love that these dresses make me dream of travel!



  1. So I had no idea Shabby Apple had clothes for those of use that are curvier!! I just assumed that they catered to the more petite, so I didn't even bother checking them out. Now I have a few more things to add to my Christmas list!

  2. Meeeeeeeeeeeeetoo. I fantasize about their clothing a lot <3

  3. Miss Wendy - they have a generous cut on some styles, and their L and XL are real L & XL, not a ridiculously small cut. Plus, in some styles there is even a WS (18-22) and a WM (22-28). Makes life a little prettier for us curvy girls! :D

  4. Hee hee!! The first dress is on my mind for MONTHS since the first time I saw it on Love, Taza's beautiful blog! I really adore their pretty dresses, the style is so girly, which I love...

    Have a beautiful day!


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