Inspired by: the women of Mad Men

The women of Mad Men: style
Betty, Joan & Peggy by Flapper Doodle

 Betty, Joan & Peggy

Betty Draper
Joan Holloway

I watch episodes of the 1960s television drama Mad Men just for the fashion and decor. Oh, the fashion! The smoking & the drinking! The 1960s home decor! Swoon!

So, this is my style watch on the women of Mad Men. Betty, in her perfect dresses & prim sweaters. Joan in her curve-hugging wiggle dresses & her red red hair. Peggy in her sweet dresses & no-nonsense business attire. I scoured Etsy.com for some vintage outfits that I could see our Mad Women wearing on the show.

Also, I want that black & white checker dress Peggy's wearing, the rust wiggle dress Joan is wearing & the teal one inspired by her. I suppose that means I don't have any Betty in me, huh? That's okay, I don't smoke anyways.


  1. I have not watched mad men yet!! But I love all the 60's inspired fashion going on..especially for the curvy, like me.

    PS having a giveaway and your all invited.

  2. oh my, I love the dresses so much!

  3. Wow, I love this blog post!! Thank you so, so much!

  4. This is adorable!!!!!!! Thanks for featuring my dress! :o)


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