kitten in a tree

So, the other day I saw a cat in a tree. Not unusual, but also not an every day occurance. It took me a moment to realize it was my neighbour Desiree's cat, Kitten. Kitten looked a tad bit freaked out, as if she didn't know how she got up there nonetheless how to get down. So, I dashed outside to have a chat with her (after grabbing my camera!).

She was irked that I wanted to chat with her; it was obvious she wanted to be left alone to figure things out. But, I couldn't stop talking to her about her adventure - or taking photos of her trying to figure out her way down! The top photo is of her finally getting bored (of me or the tree?) and just about to jump down.

Silly Kitten.


  1. Oh gosh, she is such a silly kitty! She always gets a little freaked after climbing up into trees!

  2. I was worried about her, but she was irked by my trying to help. Every time I reached up to grab her, she tippy-toed to another section of the tree! Then she finally got tired of me bugging her, so just jumped.

  3. Aww, how cute! Sometimes I feel bad that our cats don't get to experience trees. We live on a super busy road though, and they've never been outside so shudder to think what would come of their first road experience, we also have heaps of native birds that only first saw cats a couple of hundred years ago, and there's no similar predators, so they're pretty much screwed and I love my birdie friends! I think they're happy inside cats though, and one day when I live in the country I'll have a real big outdoor enclosure for them. With trees!


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