Saturday is for... the birds

This majestic pair of mated birds (the male with wings spread wide, the female sitting & squawking) have been hanging out on my neighbourhood's canal. Only the one pair, though. I loved walking down to the bridge and watch them. Just, watch them. I found them quite exotic, next to our usual suspects of seagulls and Mallard ducks. I have no idea what species they are, but that's okay. It doesn't make them any less beautiful.
~Caren, the bird watcher


  1. They look like cormorants, but I donno if you have those over there. So sweet though, I wish Matt would do a nice dance for me like he is for his lady!

  2. I like your title. I call my chickens"my little chickadees" when I feed and talk to them. My 5 yr. old grandson asks"Meemaw,why do you call them chickadees?"I told him,"It's because I love them, and that's my special name I call them,just like I call you John John."

  3. Zoe - that's it! Cormorants! Thanks oodles. I've heard people say that, but it never sticks in my wee kitty brain. ;)

    Sawn61 - I love that you call your chickens your little chickadees! It's true, 'chickadees' can reference anything that you love. :)

  4. Yeah, I think I heard someone else calling them cormorants too! I love these guys <3

    (I wonder where those white ducks/geese/whatever they were went...)

  5. Des - I wonder where they went to, too. They were a little displaced in our canal ... maybe they figured out they needed to move on. Hope they found a warm new spot!

    Zoe - I love how in the animal world, males have to do all the primping & be attractive to the female. How did this not get transfered to humans? ;)

  6. So true! Check out what bower birds do to impress the ladies: http://www.duskyswondersite.com/animals/bower-birds/
    I want a house filled with green things!

  7. Wowzas, Zoe, those male bower birds outdo themselves!! I want to find me a bower man. ;)


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