Saturday is for... the first snow

oh how I love the first snow of winter!
it's full of fresh possibilities,
and sparkles so delightfully.
waking up to the first snowfall is a magical thing,
everything crisp and clean
covered in a sheet of white.

I took Grace out for a run in the snow;
oh, and she ran and ran and ran!
we saw a group of cross country skiers, too.
i love the trails they make in the snow.
i always mean to x-country ski again...
maybe this winter i will?

I got to wear my favourite boots this first day of snow,
which made me happy, indeed!
now I'm home, and it's time for warmth & tea.

one more favourite thing on a first snowfall day,
is the post-flurry snuggle-time!
that's how you will find me and Gracie right now.
~snowfully yours, Caren


  1. yay! you got snow! now you can really get in the Christmas mood.

  2. oh that shot of grace running in the snow! it's perfect. and you got a LOT more snow than we did. there really is something magical about that first snowfall though....

    (hey caren, i have a feeling you'd have quite a few posts to share on the archive dive this week, the topic is "furry friends"... no pressure, but join in if you want! it's up right now.)

    happy snowy weekend! nice boots.

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  4. Ellie ran and ran in the snow today, too. She finally decided that it wasn't either
    A: going to kill her
    B: a punishment for something she did wrong
    so she enjoyed it with a pack of doggy friends. She fell in a few holes, though, and disappeared in the snow. It's a good thing she's ginger and not white - I'd have lost her for sure. (Just like she tried to lose her sweater. Smart dog.)

  5. Yay! So beautiful! I love the first photo of Grace, so much joy in one teeny pup!

  6. Yay for the first snow of the year! We also had some dusty snow too, last Saturday, but it was gone in just a wink of the eyes.

    I love your pics, as always!



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