Saturday is for... little things

Oh, how I love my tiny little purple TV set!
It arrived licketysplit from the little factory of the little red door.
It came with giant vintage plastic letters spelling TV.
My little kittens came out to play with the little TV.
Oh, they had such fun in the playground of the little red door!

Yes, it really is that cute.

Visit the little red door to get your own cute on!
"small things. huge awesome" is the shop's tagline, and it's so true.
~little Caren


  1. Hahaha, YOU are awesome. Thank you for this fun feature!

  2. Awww, so cute! Your little kitties have such lovely blue eyes!

  3. cuteness. your world is so colourful :) lovely new space here!

  4. Oh my word, it's so TEENSY and cute! Love it!


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