Sunday Smile: Furry Faces

Sandra Dieckmann is a wondrous illustrator of all things animal (well, she does more than just animals but I'm just a sucker for the critters).  I've been a fan of her artwork, via her Etsy shop, for a while now. As soon as I saw the Furry Faces Zine, I snapped a copy up straight away. When it came in the mail, I squealed a little upon opening the wonderfully folded up little zine. The photos above say it all; fun, colour & furry faces!! All in a neat little package. swoon!

Here's a few places you can find Sandra: (I recommend you visit them all!)

~furry face Caren


  1. These furry faces are so cute! I really love her work, as I'm a lover of the furry friends too. :)


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