Sunday Smile: sunny puppy

Gracie, my puppydog, was sunning in the window yesterday. 
She sat atop a cushy chair and let the sun shine in on her for a good long while. 
Gracie is such a kittycat.

this shot creeped me out a little, because you can see my hands holding the camera in her eye.

We can all learn from our dogs & cats. On a sunny day, stop everything and find a warm spot to curl up in.
p.s. these photos made me realize I need to cut my dog's nails.


  1. aaawwww....what a sweetie-pie.

    give her a hug from teddy

    kary and teddy

  2. Oh my goodness, your Teddy is such a teddy bear! He's unreal in his cuteness!
    Hugs received and given back!

  3. Naww, she's totally a kitty cat! Zelda is currently trying to climb the curtains, I'm not going to that piece of advice from her... Crazy kittens!

  4. These pics are so lovely, your little doggy is such a cute one! The first pic is amazing, with the rays of sunshine.


  5. i love it when my pup basks in the sun!

    that look of sleepy bliss fills my heart with joy.



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