TVA: Black Friday Festivities!

The Vintage Apartment is taking part of the Black Friday festivities this weekend, starting at 12:00am EST Friday the 26th and ending 11:59pm Monday the 29th. 20% Off Anything in the shop!

Customers can use the Coupon Code I created that will automatically take the 20% off your purchase during checkout! Yay to coupons!

I got so into having this sale, that I even created a new banner & avatar for the sale period. I love the photo I took of Astrid modeling that '80s velvet dress that I used it along with my vintage kittycat.

Monday the 29th is known as Cyber Monday ... I decided to have my sale last until the end of that day, because it seemed apropos. Having an Etsy shop means I am out there in Cyberville - might as well celebrate a day dedicated to it!

~cyberkitty Caren

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