TVA: 'handrawn facsimile'

from left: Dialite alarm clock, antique tin globe, fisher price record player, little dutch mugs

So, I did a post a bit ago about how I do "handrawn facsimile" sketches to send to each of my buyers, depicting the item(s) they bought. I do it for my own enjoyment, but also hope that the receiver finds them equally enjoyable. I thought I'd continue sharing my little sketches with you ... just 'cause. :)

I use my trusty Staedtler triplus fineliners to make my drawings. Not having a printer has ended up being the best thing for my creative spark!
~sparky Caren
p.s. the title refers to 'TVA', acronym for The Vintage Apartment (I'm lazy like that)


  1. You're so clever! I love the globe drawing. I wish I had a globe.

  2. AWESOME Idea!!

    I'd love a nice vintage globe too, Zoe! lol! :)


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