Vintage Fashion Sneak Peak!

My goddaughter Astrid and I spent the afternoon together, photoshooting our little hearts out! I brought the majority of my vintage clothing & accessories to do a serious model shoot with Astrid. We had a blast! Seeing these clothes on a real live person made me fall in love with each and every piece. It is going to be hard to let them all go ... but that was the whole point of this activity!

So, this is your sneak peek at the dresses, coats and shoes that will be making an appearance at The Vintage Apartment! In the photo above, there's a blue jacket with deer appliqué, a delicious plaid cape, an '80s black velvet wiggle dress, a '70s faux wrap dress, and shiny cream leather shoes.  And that's only half of what was modeled & photographed!
Behind the scenes: Max (big) and Grace (little) wanted to model, too!

I love that Astrid likes to model, I can't imagine anyone else wearing my (well, the shop's) clothes!
And, personally, I think Max should look into some modeling contracts. That boy can smile pretty!
~vintagious Caren


  1. Caren I need need need that first dress. Need it.

  2. now that is a cool coat!
    looks like you two have fun, often :)

    happy friday, caren.

  3. Astrid looks fab. And you can see you had lots of fun there!


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