1000 Hearts Winner!

Time to find out who won the 1000 Hearts, 1 Saucy Giveaway! I was going to use Randomizer or Random.org to pick my winning number for me, but decided to kick it old school. I wrote the 12 names on a recipe card, cut them out, and tossed them in the actual Dansk pot the winner gets to take home!

short pictorial follows:


Congratulations Thursday, you won the saucy Dansk pot!
I think Thursday is going to be quite happy about the fact I did this by hand, as she had mentioned something about #1 never being picked by Random.org.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win this little giveaway, which celebrated my Etsy shop's happy hearts.
♥ Caren


  1. This was a wonderful thing to wake up to! Everytime I saw you tweet this I would wish you would stop lessening my chances at winning. Is that terrible? No, I didn't thnk so.

  2. I think that Dansk pot was meant to be yours. The giveaway gods smiled upon you. :)

  3. Well, I can't give back all the baked goods she used to bribe me ... it's all in my tummy!

    **no bribery was used in this giveaway**
    **but if someone did bake me copious amounts of yumminess in exchange for certain favours, I cannot be held responsible for my actions**


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