i wish i was an almost 2 year old

The Charley Harper children's book & game were a gift from my mom to her great-granddaughter (my great-niece) Madilyn. Madilyn isn't quite 2 years old, and she is the recipient of much Charley goodness. Me, jealous? Nonsense(Totally)!

When my mom showed me what she was getting Madilyn, I squealed so loudly & did such a silly little happy dance that I think I may have revered to my own 2-year-old self. I covet all things Charley. Hence, I tried to steal the almost-2-year-old's presents.
Gracie was in on the thievery, as well.

Kids get all the cool stuff at Christmas.
~eternal child-at-heart Caren
p.s. cute handmade stuffy sitting with the Charley goodness? that's my gift to Madilyn; made by the talented my girl thursday ... and yes, I wanted to keep it.

here's little Madi with her Charley!


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