Macramé Animal Art

Yesterday, my mom bestowed upon me some fab craft magazine/books, of which she herself had made stuff from! I was awed when she told me her and my dad had made the (gawdawful) macramé plant holders I grew up with! Now I kinda wish I kept those hideously scratchy things, knowing they were made by my own parents' hands.

I promised a few of my pals I would share the giraffe image from one of those craft books; The 'Animal Art' Macramé book. 'Jerome the Giraffe' is the piece de resistance! I also had to share 'Honorable Knot-So of Siam' the Cat & the 'Forget-Me-Knot Elephant'. This stuff is priceless!

 as per usual, Gracie had to be a part of the photography session (specially since it was on the bed!)

~knotty Caren


  1. my, those seventies' (they are, aren't they?) goodies... somehow they look better now, than way back...?

  2. 1976 to be exact! Ah, the '70s ... full of some of the ugliest fashions & tackiest crafts known to mankind (I grew up in the '70s, I know of what I speak)! Yet, so freaking awesome Now! :D

  3. My house needs a Jerome the Giraffe. All my other giraffes just seem like lesser giraffes now that I've met Jerome. They're not offended by that, they know superior giraffeness when they see it.

  4. Oh Gracie! So adorable! And that book is amazing - I really want to make that giraffe (though I'm not quite sure what I'd do with it...)

  5. "I never wanted to use macrame to kill!'

    Oh, John Waters!


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