my pre-Christmas joy.

I was super-stoked about receiving a vintage linen owl calendar tea towel! 
note: In 1986, I was a 14 year old comic-book-geek. Some things never change.

my superhero pose peeks behind Astrid's shot.

I spent my Eve of Christmas Eve with my dearhearts, the Ackerman's. Astrid is my goddaughter. If you've been following my blog awhile, you'll see her pop up on these pages quite oft!
Much smiling and laughter (and eating) was to be had this joy-filled day!

Astrid has an awesome turntable, and so I gave her The B52s 1979 album. I was delighted to know the album actually worked! (and not just looked way cool)

We got in some instant love photos of ourselves, too. A Polaroid & a Fujifilm Instax. :)

I love watching people unwrap gifts
(above gift was wrapped with a filled-in crossword puzzle newspaper comics page!)
there's dog Max's big head watching Astrid unwrap her gifts!
I have troubles wrapping gifts; never able to get  things to look right.
This year, I opted to use an old (used) sewing pattern to wrap some gifts.
Between that, the newspaper & some lovely tissue paper, I was inspired to do the best job ever!

See the copy of Worn, Fashion Journal, on the table? AWESOME indie mag (gifted it to Astrid).
another joy: seeing how happy your gifts can make someone.
I gifted Astrid with art. Etsy artist art!
luckyjackson (embroidery art, Bat Boy), dollfacelala (polaroid drawing), rosiemusic (girl with pink hair)

My little Gracie dog & Astrid's big dog Max are best friends.

What day is complete without a silly self-portrait shot?

I hope your days are filled with laughter & love this holiday season, and every day thereafter! :)


  1. hehehe! <3 LOVEEEE IT! I find it amusing that in the last shot my eyes are funny ;) One eye crossed the other not hehehe! Love this post soooo much and I love you even more!

  2. Great presents!! Jealous of the B52s album lol Love the 70s!


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