oh, Christmas Tree!

There she is! My little golden Christmas tree, all decked out in vintage baubles & surrounded  by many a deer. I took a bunch of polaroids of the tree tonight, trying to capture its essence just right. I did finally get The Shot, but it has been sent to The Noisy Plume's Christmas Tree Photo Contest (photos are due by December 20th, so hurry on over & submit yours!), so won't be sharing it here with you quite yet.

The instant photo taken above was not taken with a Polaroid, though! *gasp*! I scored a Fujifilm Instax camera & found some film to go with it; and the above is the first shot I took using that camera.

Gracie got in on the action whilst I was instant imaging! Here's an outtake:
note: her eyes are squeezed shut 'cause of the flash from the Instax!

p.s. here's an oops Polaroid Spectra shot I took ... but I think it's pretty, anyways. :)

Tonight was an excellent night for both A) Christmas tree love and B) instant photography love!
~Polaroid (and now Instax?) Girl, Caren


  1. Caren, do you scan your polaroids into your computer? How do you upload them?
    Love your photography

  2. Very pretty, I love all the deer!

  3. Johanna - I scan the polaroids (I have an Epson Perfection 2480 Photo scanner). I like to keep digital copies of them, as more oft than not the Polaroid images degrade over time. :)

    Zoe - thanks m'deer! hehehe!


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