the one with the Bargello pillows

I haven't been thrifting a lot these days; finding any shopping during the holiday season to be insurmountably exhausting. However, today was the day I mailed off all of my Christmas cards (and a Secret Santa parcel to an unsuspecting recipient!) and since the Sally Ann is pretty close to my postal outlet I decided to pop in.

I left with the above book - Bargello an Explosion in Color.
I squealed in delight upon seeing it; set askew on the shelf looking discarded & unwanted.
But I wanted it! Oh yes! The colour! The pattern!
But most of all, I wanted it because my grandmother was a Bargello artisan. I have 2 of her Bargello pillows, as seen in the photo above. To be honest, I never knew the handicraft was called Bargello... such an odd term, don't you think? Anyways, when I saw this book, circa early 1970s, I knew I had to have it. I also knew I had to actually attempt making myself a Bargello print pillow. And now I have a how-to book to teach me the ins & outs (we'll see how far I get, as I am easily distracted whilst crafting, hence the fact I have mastered no one craft)!

The above pattern is the one I want to do ... but it seems quite advanced (i.e. scary).

Oh, Bargello. You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.


  1. Oh I can not express how insanely jealous I am right now! That book looks amazing! Love the colours, the patterns. Just added to my (long) list of must learn crafts...

  2. Oh wow, this totally appeals to my love of crafting with organisation! I really want to try this too, those pillows are beautiful. There's so many different kinds of needlework out there!

  3. oh to have a peek through that book, and those pillows are beautiful! thanks for introducing me to another art form i didn't know about.

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