the one with the Orla mugs

I saw these 2 Orla Kiely mugs for sale online,
and immediately snapped them up.
I have longed to add a little Orla into my daily life,
and now, here I am, happy as can be,
with prettypretty green apple & pear mugs to use!
Merry Christmas to me!

Thanks go out to A La Modern, an online vintage shop, for having something I really wanted (which oddly enough was the only non-vintage thing in their shop)! 
p.s. yes, I did the obvious thing of putting a pear in with the mugs. I like the shape of pears.


  1. YAY for self gifting!
    & double YAY for Orla! my Orla mugs bring my daily cheer!

  2. So pretty! I've been browsing the Orla website a lot myself after I saw a pair of really cute Orla Kiely knitted gloves in a magazine.

  3. Oh so lovely to see such pretty comments on the Orla mugs! :)
    I just realized that these are the only new (and non-thrifted) pair of mugs I have in my apartment! And they are my new favourites, too. I can't stop using them.
    I do so want more Orla in my life. Such sweet Scandinavian design!


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