Saturday is for.. Gocco!

This Saturday, it's all about the Gocco print!
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I'm a big fan of printmaking. I don't actually do any printmaking (I need to remedy that), but I admire those who do. There's so many different forms of reproducing original art ... and gocco is one of them. 

Taken from Save Gocco, here is a quick synopsis of what a Gocco printer is:
Print Gocco is a Japanese color screenprinting system developed in 1977 by Noboru Hayama.  Resembling a toy, the compact and completely self-contained printer is clean, quick and easy to use. The system works using flash bulbs, a carbon-based image or photocopy and an emulsion-coated screen. When the bulbs are manually flashed, the carbon in the drawing or photocopy burns the screen into a stencil. Several colors of Ink can then be applied at one time and multiples can be stamped out, as many as 100 before re-inking is needed. Fans of Print Gocco appreciate its size, cleanliness, relatively inexpensive cost, and the fact that several colors can be printed in one “pass.”
I want a Gocco printer. I really really do. Someday, maybe?
note: Gocco is no longer produced, nor will they be. Therefore Gocco is in very limited supplies left & it's not easy to find/buy. So to those who Gocco, I salute you!

For now, I will learn to make my own prints in inexpensive & fun ways! If you know of any tips for print-making, for the beginner & someone who doesn't have a lot of money, please share!
~gocco-wannabe Caren


  1. I've never heard of Gocco. It's so sweet!

  2. Oh I adore everything Gocco too - I am sad to hear it's no longer being produced as it had always been on my 'to try' list. Must do a print making course one day!


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