some instant love

the gorgeous painting you see above the vintage golden chair? that's Jen's work. Isn't it(she) sublime?

I spent some time with a couple of my favourite peoples today: Jen & her little girl Claire (sadly, Claire's sister Ellie was in school during our playtime). Grace hung out with us, making Claire a happy camper!
I had it in my mind to get a portrait of best buds Claire & Grace sitting on Jen's childhood chair.
And so, Jen & I worked hard to do just that. With Claire wanting Grace to sit on her lap, and a puppydog who just wanted treats, it was a real workout! But I finally got the shot!

Here is a sequence of Claire waiting for the Fujifilm Instax photo to emerge:

with the chair, the smocked dress, the instant film look, the vintage vibe is high!

~lucky Caren

p.s. Gracie ended up having a really bad seizure (which she is prone to having) after this adorable visit; she has been ill all afternoon & night and I am very worried about her. If you could send some good healing thoughts her way, that would be magical. ♥ thank you!
update: Grace is doing better this morning & is in full rest mode (as am I!) - thanks for all the kindness sent our way! xox


  1. Thanks Iris! Means muchly to me & Gracie!
    So glad that Grace seems to be on the mend this morning. She even begged for pancakes (which she did not get). :)
    Currently, Gracie is curled up under the covers, Strongpaw the cat is next to her (but ABOVE the covers) and I am nestled around them both. All kinds of bliss!

  2. <3 So much love for little Grace.

    And I swear Jen & I will hang out one of these days!

  3. Good to hear Gracie is feeling a little better. I´m a worried pet mom too, they´re so incredibly cute! :)

    Love to you and your lil´ sweethearts!

  4. Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon!
    I am so glad to hear that Gracie is feeling better! Big love sent from Ellie, Claire and me.

    Take it easy Gracie, Claire can really wipe a person (and cute dogs) out!

  5. xox to all!
    lucky - 'twas the best of afternoons! thanks so much for having crazy Gracie & myself over for some love. I think Grace & Claire are equally matched in energy; unless it's Grace's Pug Run Time - no one can match that energy! ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing this artist. I quickly marked her in my Etsy faves. And shes having a SALE! Woo hoo.


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