Sunday Smile: the kittens

I got to do a little bit of kitten sitting yesterday and today. Talk about a fabulous Christmas gift! I got to chill out & watch 5 kittens & their little mama cat (appropriately named Minnie).

I brought my Polaroid Spectra with me & snapped the above two photos of these sweet cats, and I love how oh so '70s they turned out. This Spectra is my new favourite camera; and Impossible's Image film my new fav film (that reminds me, must order more before it's all gone!).

So many kittens! After a while, I knew each different one by their different markings. There was one very shy little black female kitten that I named Cricket; she's the one stretching in the photo directly below.

The kittens loved my boots, and at one time or another had their little heads stuck inside them.
They spent time playing with all their toys & then having a wee bath, too. Such well-behaved little kittens.

Oh, and did I mention? They need homes. And are free. And have their first shots, too!
If anyone in the Peterborough Ontario area would like a well adjusted happy little kitten, please do contact me. There are 4 that need homes. 
note: you only have until January 7th to catch one, as they must be moved to a kitty shelter (their caregivers would rather they find homes before then, though, to spare them the life of a shelter cat).

UPDATE: Only 2 kittens remain!! And they need new homes by January 7th.
Cricket got adopted as did one of the black & white girls.

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  1. Awww, so much sweetness! Now I'm kitten clucky, I need some new fosters!


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