how my dog and cat snuggle

This is as far as my dog & cat will come to snuggling/cuddling.
Strongpaw the cat above the covers.
Gracie the dog hidden underneath.
If only they knew the joys of fur-to-fur cuddles!
They'd never look back.

Silly puppy & kitty.
~cuddly Caren


  1. So cute. My dog always tries to groom my cat, but she gets angry.

  2. So cute! I like your comforter. :) Yes I'm always noticing decor. It's a hobby of mind. :)

  3. cuteness abounds!

    ha! I can easily visualize dog's attempt at grooming cat turning into something dangerous!

    thanks for the comment on the comforter (I always notice decor, too). :)

  4. awwww, that is so insanely cute! I think Strongpaw is a GREAT name! :) Glad I found this blog, its great!


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