The Vintage Apartment: holidays

{original photo source: GetReadySetGo}

My vintage Etsy shop, The Vintage Apartment, will be closing for 2 weeks for a much needed vacation.
I'm not actually going anywhere, though, so the luggage above might be misleading (I just really like Rachel's Etsy shop, blog & photography).

As for my "vacation", I am needing a little time off to focus on other things (y'know, Life Stuff). Who knows, though? Perhaps I will do a mini getaway, stay at a lovely little retreat somewhere. I would not say no to such an idea.

The Vintage Apartment + Holidays = Wednesday December 15th - Wednesday December 29th
The shelves of TVA continue to be filled for your visual & purchasing pleasure, but I won't be shipping anything until December 30th 2010! :)

Here's a small bit of Etsy goodness that reflect a (warm & happy) vacation mood:

Oh, and my shop may be in vacation mode, but that doesn't mean I can't keep shopping on Etsy.com! You know I will be.


  1. have a fun vacation lady. enjoy your holidays!! --julie

  2. you are too AWESOME- lovin on my in so many ways! thanks a bunch. have a relaxing, restful and joyful vacation. allllways needed:) see ya in the new year

  3. This post was adorable - it's too bad it's for somewhat sad news. Have a lovely, well-earned vacation, though. I'll be ready and waiting in the new year :)

    Oh - and the boy won't let me give him his presents (from your store!) early. Blast. I knew that Playmobil Advent Calendar would be too much fun on its own.


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