Celiac Teen - Hand for Haiti

I just (as in a few minutes ago) found out about an amazing young woman named Lauren aka Celiac Teen. I read a wonderful article on Maggie's blog 'She Let Them Eat Cake'. I felt it necessary to blog-it-forward. I think you'll see why when you read Maggie's interview & visit Lauren's blog.

A snippet of the interview Maggie did with Lauren - about living gluten-free & blogging:

"M: If you were giving advice to a friend (someone your age) what would you tell them is the most important thing about a) living gluten-free and b) starting a blog.
L: When it comes to living gluten-free, it doesn’t have to be hard. You can make just about anything as good or better than the wheat equivalent. Just don’t cheat. If you cheat, you’re hurting yourself, not just now but for years to come.
For starting a blog, make sure it’s about something you love and are really interested in. Let it grow naturally and keep at it!"

One of the amazing things that made me want to blog about Lauren, is that she created an e-book of gluten-free recipes to raise funds for the people of Haiti. The generosity of the people involved, and the passion of Lauren to conceptualize the e-book amazes & humbles me. I immediately purchased the downloadable e-book, and am excited to learn some new gluten-free recipes - and that it will, in some small way, help people in need makes it feel so very good.

Please visit Celiac Teen's fundraising project, and perhaps buy yourself a little cookbook (whether you're gluten-free or not, these recipes are so yummy!) & give a helping Hand For Haiti:

Thank you, Maggie & Lauren, for your educational blogs. I have learned something, and that is always something I strive to do.


Instant Collection: Vintage Amber Glass

Well, colour me amber! I was pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of vintage amber glass goodies when I went out on a Saturday morning thrift shop outing. An instant collection!

It was amazing to see all 3 salt & pepper shaker sets sitting together. I swooned. Then the amber glass butter dish! And finally the cookie (well, I'd use it for cookies) jar! Gah! Could you imagine my happiness?

I'll get these gorgeous pieces up on The Vintage Apartment's virtual shelves soon.  Although, the Italian amber glass pitcher might stay in my own vintage apartment. If anyone reading this can guestimate who the maker is, let me know. The only maker's markings are 'Italy' & a tiny symbol of some kind.

I actually came home with more than just this instant collection... further posts coming your way, fellow vintage hunters!


Etsy Treasury: Do you believe in Unicorns?

Etsy Treasury: Do you believe in Unicorns?

Well, do you believe in Unicorns? I do!
And as I made a point of mentioning on the Treasury, don't forget to bring your rainbow polaroid when you go searching for Unicorns - it's the only camera that will capture them! (little known fact)

I realize that with all the blog posts I do for the Etsy Treasuries I create, I should list the links to each item. So, starting now, I will do exactly that.
  1. Baby Unicorn Print
  2. U is for Unicorn wooden block
  3. Ethereal Innocence crown
  4. 1970s Unicorn top
  5. Pet Hat - Unicorn
  6. Unicorn 8x10 print
  7. Novelty Unicorn S&P shakers
  8. Me and my Unicorn print
  9. Vintage Sanrio mini stationary set (the inspiration behind it all! This shop is filled with retro '80s childhood memories)
  10. Take that leap of faith print
  11. the Polaroid One Step (rainbow!)
  12. Vintage golden Unicorn

I love creating Treasuries on Etsy. I pretend I'm a curator, and carefully pick & choose with pieces I hang on the virtual shelf.

Inspiration: that '70s couch

The couch that inspired the logo for The Vintage Apartment.

I'm always inspired to create art (whether graphic or handmade) by the vintage goodies I find or that I've grown up with.  The above couch was an awesome find at the local Sally Ann. I bought it specifically to be used for someone to crash on, as the back piece is removable making it a very small single bed. Oh, it's a wobbly old thing & shows its age, but it's just oh so '70s that it felt quite right in my vintage apartment.

Ah, and the teal Mid Century phone. Cannot forget to mention her. She's the mascot for my Etsy shop.

Now you see where the design for the banner originated. It's a creative process I enjoy thoroughly!

This is what I love about having an Etsy shop. It's always creative, always inspiring, and always steeped in vintage goodness. Being a part of the Etsy community has worked out quite wonderfully. I admit, it's not the same as being able to have in-person conversations & meetups like I had at Buttercup & Co. (my brick & mortar shop that closed early 2009) - but it's more similar than I ever thought it would be.

I'll be blogging, soon, about more Etsy Love - sharing some local & worldwide shops therein that I have come to really enjoy.

Grace Turns Three (A Puppy Love Story)

A birthday ode to my dog Grace, of whom has been in many-a-blog-post here at Buttercupped...

This was taken the day I brought Grace home, in May of 2007. She was about 12 weeks old.  We bonded immediately. I could not deny this darling lass; up until that moment I only had room for cats.

Grace got really pooped during an extra long walk when she was but a wee one, so I carried her in a makeshift sling (puppy-wearer!). Obviously, I was never much for dog training.

How could I possibly NOT have her sleep with me? Good lord. The whole crate-training thing went out the window as soon as I realized how adorable it is to sleep with a puppy curled up next to you.

Taken today, on her 3rd birthday. All grown up and wearing a vintage beaded necklace. She takes after me!

I seriously never thought I'd own a dog (or a dog would own me!), but here I am! A crazy dog lady, who actually put a necklace on her dog in order to take a cute photo. I take copious amounts of photographs of Grace. However, I don't dress Grace up or carry her around in a dog purse. I ain't no Paris Hilton. Plus, Grace finds clothing embarrassing & prefers to be au naturale.  I do tend to spoil her, as I'll never have another dog; she's the only one for me.

For the past year, since she turned 2, Grace has had regular grand mal seizures.  She doesn't get them everyday, but they're regular enough to be freaky-scary, and I worry about her. But, she's a healthy little mutt who'll live a long time I'm sure. Fun-loving, silly, overly kissy & just a wonderful character. Grace lightens up most people's lives. She's been a balm to my soul, when I've really needed it.

Grace has been pretty lucky in her doggy lifestyle. Ever since I got her, she's been able to be at work with me. First, whilst working at a dog boutique shop called Hot Diggity Dog. Then when I opened my own shop, Buttercup & Co., she was the store greeter (she took her job very seriously).  Now, I work from home so once again, she gets to 'go to work' with me. Spoiled little pooch.

Grace is three-times the mutt: mother was a Daschund x Pug & her daddy was a very horny little Chihuahua. Her best friend is a giant amongst dogs (or at least Terriers) - an Airedale named Max. The two of them are bosom buddies:

Grace & Max on an outdoor adventure. Max is my goddaughter Astrid's beloved pooch.

Happy Birthday, Grace Audrey Adams! (named after Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn)
~caren, a girl who has fur babies in lieu of the human version


Happiness is: Random Snacking

So, I was happily snacking on a little Sprite & a handfull of Barbara's Bakery Original Cheese Puffs (a special treat for when I'm a really good girl) when I realized how pretty my snack was. Obviously, I had to photograph it:

The mixture of orange & blue made me ponder the prettiness of it all. And the vintage goodness, too! The Florida juice cup was thrifted, as was the pretty little blue rose bowl. The butterfly vintage table runner was a gift, as was the gorgeous Mid Century orange decor piece tucked behind.

I marvel at how something so simple as having a wee afternoon snack can make you pause & see the beauty. I hope this ability to see the small stuff will always creep up on me.
Now, to finish eating my snack!

Thursday Thriftshop Therapy

Fab Find: Fred Press liquor decanter & cocktail glass set. Makes me want to host a swanky party.

Vases x 2: feminine lines & a peachy-flesh tone. Kind of creepy, but prettily so.

The Green Purse: I could totally see the lovely Grace Kelly sporting this sophisticated number.

A Graceful Gazelle: all decked out in vintage teak; he's a handsome fellow.

What is it about thrift shopping that makes me so darn happy? I suppose it's partly the hunt (don't worry, no vintage goodies were harmed) & partly knowing there's a story behind the finds. I don't know what the stories are, but I sometimes like to imagine who previously owned an item & why they ended up in a thrift shop. It's always a thrill, though, when that certain item pops out & you realize "oh! what a find!". It's a happy little thrill.

I'll be adding all of these beautiful finds to The Vintage Apartment, if I can part with them!
Update: already added the Gazelle & Peachy Vases: links are added below photos above
Happy Thursday!


Etsy Treasury: Hot Hot Hot

The Vintage Apartment's Etsy Treasury: Hot Hot Hot (needing a little warmth):

This Treasury is inspired by the heat of a hot summer day, something I admit to daydreaming about a little too often now-a-days. Vibrant (and yes, sexy!) reds & oranges flooded my mind when thinking about warmer days.
Now to warm up with a hot cup of coffee & the faux-flames of my electric fireplace (ah, reality!).


Etsy Front Page Love + CraftCult HeartoMatic

The Vintage Apartment was featured on Etsy's Front Page today, between 6pm-7pm EST.  Thanks to a unique, hometown-vibe Treasury by Karl over at Half Pint Salvage (check out his blog, too!), my 'Pretty in Pastel Vintage Sugar Cups' made it to the Front Page of Etsy.

Now, to those of you who aren't a part of the world of Etsy, you have no idea what I'm talking about. I realize that. You'll find lots of Etsy Treasuries that I've put together here on this blog (as I like to screen-capture them & do a little post about them).  Etsy is a wonderful online community dedicated to artisans (creating hand made goods) & for vintage hunters & buyers (like me). Treasuries are mini art shows, in a way, where anyone who is an Etsy member can be the creator (or curator).  The peeps at Etsy then peruse these Treasuries & pick an odd one to focus on the front page. And instant fame happens.

Now, thanks to a nifty little site called Craft Cult, an Etsy seller can keep track of how much action his/her Etsy shop is getting. We do this by using Craft Cult's 'Heart-o-Matic'.  I check nearly every day, to see what type of traffic my shop is getting.

And, thanks to Craft Cult's ability to track whether our Etsy shop has made it to the Front Page, I was able to screen capture lots of data. And I'm sharing it with you.

Above: Half Pint Salvage's Etsy Treasury (you'll see my sugar cups 2nd row, far right)

Above: Craft Cult's data about the Front Page featured 'Pretty in Pastel Vintage Sugar Cups' action as of Feb. 23, 2010.

Above: Heart-o-Matic's data for The Vintage Apartment. Shows you how many total page views I received in a 24 hour period (the 1007 count is thanks to being on the Front Page!)

So, if you're a fellow Etsy seller, go & play with the Heart-o-Matic. It's fun & educational!

Thanks to Karl for making such a cool Treasury, and helping The Vintage Apartment get its first playtime on the Front Page.

Thinking Cary Grant...

Thanks to The Turner Classic Movie Channel, I get classic movies 24/7. This means I am watching more TV than ever before. Sometimes there's even a classic movie I've never seen before, which is most exciting. However, when it comes to Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Gene Kelly and a few other faves, I've seen them all. I've seen them repeatedly!

And so, because there was back-to-back Cary Grant just today, I've been thinking Cary Grant...
In reverse chronological order:

'Charade' 1963: Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn

'North by Northwest' 1959: Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint

'The Philadelphia Story' 1940: Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn & James Stewart

'The Awful Truth' 1937: Cary Grant & Irene Dunne

Let's not forget Bringing Up Baby, The Bachelor & the Bobby-Soxer, Notorious, That Touch of Mink, Operation Petticoat, ... the list goes on. Thank you, Cary Grant, for making so many enjoyable movies!


Sunday Smile

Today's Sunday Smile is brought to you by... the Charlie Brown gang & Saudi Arabia!

Little known fact: I spent my childhood living in Saudi Arabia. In the late '70s, to be exact. I am full of happy  memories of my time in Riyadh. Nothing captures that more than the Tshirt I wore quite often, that said "Happiness is being one of the gang in Saudi Arabia". I kept that tee all these years; even modified it a bit so I could don it once again in my young adult years. And then, quite wonderfully, I received a gift of that tee transformed once again, but this time in the form of a pillow! I am so delighted to have use for something that is from an important part of my history. Thanks mom! :)

How the Charlie Brown gang ever became a part of a Saudi slogan, I'll never know. And odd combo, but fabulously retro at that! I did love Woodstock & Snoopy so (I still have my hand puppet versions of those 2 tucked away somewhere). 

This nostalgia makes me want to get a slideshow going of all the photos my dad took of our family's time in Saudi. Don't you just love a good old-fashioned slideshow?!


a winter sunset

There was a surprise awaiting us the other night, if you were lucky enough to have the time to watch the sky. The night was slathered in a startling array of golds, pinks & purples. Such a treat on a winter's eve!

the sunset reflected in the beveled door window

It always feels like a little gift from god, when nature does its magic.
Update: My fabulous neighbour, Desiree Fawn, also blogged about this spectacular sight! xox

Happiness is: Grace, Astrid & I

Grace was not impressed with the self portrait I enforced upon her.

My goddaughter Astrid did some self-portraits, too.

We got into a laughing fit, I don't even remember what set us off!
Photo by: Astrid

Seriously. I love my Gracie dog. Goodness.
Photo by: Astrid

We wore the little boodle out.

How could one not be happy when hanging out with these two cuties? Between Astrid & Grace's cute factor, I felt my own cuteness factor rise! :)
Spread the love, my friends.
check out my goddaughter's new blog: a girl named Astrid

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Etsy Treasury: Sugar Sweet Tea

Current Etsy Treasury by The Vintage Apartment is all about the sweetness at the bottom of the cup: Sugar Sweet Tea
(and yes, that preamble was a nod to one of my new fave books 'Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie' by Canadian author Alan Bradley)

Sugar Sweet Tea was Inspired by the artwork 'A Good Cup of Tea' by Jackson Creek Press & 'Make Time for Tea' by Helen Dardik
Then I added some sugar.


Thursday Thriftshop Therapy: Mustard Du Jour

I thrifted some lovelies, and then realized they were very colour-friendly with one another.  The earth-tones of the yellow (mustard) & browns look so good together:

The above fondue pot had me at "Hello".

I then put two earlier thrift finds that shared the same tones, and thought to myself: Bam! Mustard du jour!

Currently for sale at The Vintage Apartment:
'Sun' dinner plate (behind pitcher)