Tuesday is for Etsy: Vintage Office Inspiration

Tuesday is for Etsy: focus is on Vintage Office/Studio Inspiration:

Last week, I focused on the fabulous art to be found on Etsy, so this Tuesday it's all about vintage (and restoration/upcycling a la Half Pint Salvage & le Vintage Maison). These particular finds reflect what my own studio/office space will (hopefully) resemble when I'm finished!

My current collection of Fab vintage trays = 5! It will be the main art on the walls. The walls are a bright ice blue. The accent colour throughout my office is orange. I am a comic book geek, so shall display a Batman figurine (or 3). I've got some vintage metal file boxes & cabinets. I even have a mid century orange mushroom lamp. I just need the right desks, and away we go! :)

My current Etsy Treasury follows this idea, and shares some of the same items listed above.  The Treasury is called 'What's on your Vintage Desk?' (now expired).

Are you trying to organize your own home? Do you have a home office/studio that is in desperate need of an overhaul? Share your stories! We all need a little inspiration... 


Deer & Apple: Story-Time Props

The apple & the deer were checking out the pretty amber canister.
Then the apple thought it would be fun to jump inside!
The deer, however, wasn't happy about it (what if he got hungry?!).
The apple teased the deer to jump inside, only to get out right after!
Poor deer got stuck and asked the apple to help. 
The apple had other ideas, though.
And that's how the deer got trapped inside the pretty amber canister.
The End

Yes, this is how I get my jollies.
I create scenes with props & the vintage items I photograph for The Vintage Apartment.
I don't often do anything with these photos, other than giggle a bit.
This time, though, I thought I'd let you in on my fun!
That silly deer gets into more trouble...  ;)


Etsy: Front Page via Midnight Mystery

So, I know I just did a post about this whole Front Page of Etsy thing, but it happened again (in the early morning the next day!). Happy! Since I like to do a blog shout out to Etsy & the person who got me to the Front Page (in this case, Natalya's Studio) - well, here I go again!

Here's the Shiny Black Purse that was featured on Etsy's Front Page @ 4am (EST)! glee!
Astrid is the model (ain't she da bomb?)

Screenshot of Etsy's front page when Natalya's Studio Treasury (entitled Europe Midnight Mystery) was chosen to be featured. I was thrilled to be a part of this chic gathering of goods.

Some of Natalya's fashionable knit wear (these are 2 of my favourites!):

The Vintage Apartment thanks the world of Etsy and its inhabitants for making me have extra smiles. :)

Sunday Smile

Astrid & I had some girly fun painting each other's nails pretty springy colours and then using La Photo Cabine to chronicle the cuteness.
It's hard not to smile when you see yellow, green & pink happiness everytime you see your own hands! I'm ready for Easter now :)


Etsy: Front Page via Citrus and Aqua Love

It's always a treat when an item from my Etsy shop finds its way to the front page. It's a pretty big deal, really, as it garners happy attention from possible new fans. I did a previous post about what all this means, when I first had my brush with Etsy fame. :)

Screenshot of Etsy's front page when MySelvagedLife.etsy.com's 'Citrus and Aqua' Treasury was selected to be featured:

Thank you Heather, of My Selvaged Life! She makes lovely jewelry (the following 2 necklaces remind me of spring days):

Don't you just love citrus and aqua together? yumyum!


Walk This Way

Walk this way, ladies & gents!

What is it about feet/shoe shots that I adore so much? (okay, so I love my red/purple boots)
Happy Friday fellow shoe fetishers!


Thursday Thriftshop Therapy: The Brass Reindeer

I came away from 3 thriftshops with just this one adorable little brass reindeer. It was just the right amount of therapy!
Did you find that one little thing that made you feel satisfied today?


Mid Century Concrete Block Love

kitty sitting pretty!

I never noticed this apartment complex before, and when I saw it I actually turned around so I could take a couple of snaps of the gorgeous Mid Century floral (butterfly?) concrete cinder blocks used for the balconies & fencing. 

I actually want to live in this building, just because of the charming balconies! Plus, some of the apartments have their original parkay flooring! If I could afford it, I would so move there (even though I have a full backyard that I've designed here where I live now) ... I love the balcony that much!

Don't you just love the architecture from the '50s and '60s? Check out doe-c-doe's blog post featuring photos she took at an estate sale. I swooned when I saw the retro fabulousness of the house's interior.


Tuesday is for Etsy: Happy Thoughts

Hi! Welcome to Tuesday is for Etsy: dedicated to Happy Thoughts

In no particular order, here is the Etsy source for each item above:
Today's Tuesday is for Etsy is all about the happy thoughts. Bubbles, balloons, cameras, putting on a pretty dress, flying kittens, thrifting, or just saying "Hi".
What gives you happy thoughts?


Foundling by Michèle Karch-Ackerman: Opening Reception

Canadian artist Michèle Karch Ackerman has a new installation art show entitled 'Foundling'.
Opening Sunday March 28th, 2010 from 2-5pm, Artist talk at 1pm
Show runs March 28 - June 6th
Location: Canadian Clay and Glass Museum in Waterloo, Ontario. 519.746.1882

Below is a preview of all 3 shows going on at the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum from March 28-June 6th (Foundling, Susan Low-Beer's 'State of Grace', Christian Raduta's 'Rhinos'):

Michèle Karch-Ackerman’s latest interactive installation project, “Foundling” honours the lives of unwed mothers and the babies they were asked to give up. Inspired by her grandmother’s experience as an unwed mother staying at the Misericordia Home in the 1920s, the exhibition sheds light on a secret chapter in Canadian history.
By working with the ‘domestic acts of love’ the artist stitches a meditation on loss. “Foundling” is an acknowledgment and prayer for those young mothers and their babies and their sorrow.

Photo of Michèle Karch-Ackerman, by Martin Ackerman

Michèle Karch-Ackerman is a nationally recognized contemporary artist whose installations have been featured in public galleries across Canada. With influences drawn from history, literature and experience, her works have inspired viewers with their challenging subject matter and aesthetics.
“Foundling” will continue to tour to the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, The Grimsby Public Gallery, The Art Gallery of Peterborough, and The Tom Thomson Gallery where it will be featured as part of a retrospective of the artist’s work in 2012.

Note: above text & images are from the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum's pamphlet & invitation publications.

If you are able to attend the opening for 'Foundling', please do. It will be a powerful & inspirational exhibition, that will also delight the senses.

Visit agirlnamedastrid's blog post for beautiful photos of the Foundling show.


Sunday Smile: Spring Snowfall

she stood outside wearing her pretty pink clogs

enjoying the sights of spring

with birds singing all around her

it took a while for to realize that there was snow on the ground

Lots of people will be grumbling about the snowfall we had overnight and into the day today. I mean, it is Spring afterall! Funny thing is, this happens every year. We think old man winter is gone for good, but then mother nature waves her twig wand & giggles (it's one interpretation) & makes the white stuff appear again.

Seeing the snow made me smile. It made Grace smile, too, because she enjoys a run through freshly fallen snow. I heard chipping sparrows, grackles, crows, woodpeckers & chickadees! Then Mr & Mrs Cardinal joined the chorus & swooped down in front of me; show-offs!
I hope you find the good things today, too!


Taking Flight

do you see him there?
taking flight
hidden from sight
dark as night
he cries out a warning:
caw! caw!


Thursday Thriftshop Therapy: Colourful Coincidence!

Today's Thriftshop Therapy session is brought to you by a Colourful Coincidence! 

I was having a very productive day, including a lovely sunny walk with Grace, my  neighbhour & her sleepy baby girl - so decided to pop over to the local Sally Ann to continue the good vibes.  I picked up a few little happy things for myself, and when I brought them home & had them stacked on top of one another, I realized they were happily connected in their colours! I love when that happens:

What is in the pile?
  • 3 vintage plastic brightly coloured hangers (my favourite kind)
  • a gold-tone vintage heart pendant
  • a baublicious turquoise necklace
  • 2 vintage childrens books - 1979's 'The Green Man' & 1980's 'A Family For Minerva'
  • a fabulous Fab tray (which I collect & now have 5!)
Total amount spent? $3.00

Colour coincidence? Timeless!

~colourful caren


Etsy Shop: Green is for St Patrick's Day

SALE: 20% Off all Green tagged items at The Vintage Apartment!
March 17th - March 20th
Here's a direct link to my Etsy shop's vintage Green goodies: http://bit.ly/20green

UPDATE: the Green Sale is now over, but there's still plenty of green goodies to peek at! :)


The Future's So Bright, I've Gotta Wear Shades

It was so sunshiney today, that a walk was a necessity. Out came the birkenstocks & camera:

purposely made a faux pas of wearing socks with sandals (look at all the funky paisley!)
Thrifted a vintage hand-crocheted doggy sweater; which Grace modeled.
I love the lines a jet plane makes in the sky.
Seriously, the future is so bright!

I hope you're able to grab a moment & enjoy what the day is giving, too!

Tuesday is for Etsy: Romancing the Lens

Tuesday is for Etsy is dedicated to the beauty of the camera. Romancing the Lens:


In no particular order:
My very own Vintage Rainbow SX70 Polaroid OneStep! (via Mother Midnight)

For further searching on Etsy.com for vintage camera & camera-related art: Click Here!
I also find myself visiting Camerapedia.org to find out more about certain vintage cameras.

I ♥ cameras. Vintage ones the best. I am lucky enough to have had a dad who was a voracious camera collector. I was able to keep 3: Diana (toy camera), Brownie (my mom's first camera) & Pentax (my dad bought in 1980 & is my favourite).  I only wish I could find his beautiful original Polaroid Land SX70 (the folding one lined in leather). Oh, how I loved that camera!

I keep meaning to take my old Pentax SLR out for a spin, but find the ease of digital to win me over every time I leave the home.  One day, though, I will buy film & kick it old school!


Happy Monday: Rainbow & Walk

Oh, Happy Monday! A rainbow arrived in my mailbox this morning, giving me extra glee for the day. I have been craving a Polaroid OneStep (rainbow edition) for quite a long time, but could never get my hands on one whilst thrifting. Then I saw The One, on Etsy - in its original packaging. Boop! I bought it:

Later in the afternoon, I went for a brisk walk with my pup Grace. Before we even left the house, my neighbour & her delightful little girl were out on her front porch.  I snapped a few shots of the little fawn, happily capturing her next to their stone fawn! Then I drove out to another part of East City to take Grace on an adventure walk:

A very Happy Monday indeed!
I hope your Monday had some little surprises for you, too.
note: Polaroid was from Etsy shop Mother Midnight Vintage


Etsy Treasury: First Robin of Spring

An Etsy.com Treasury entitled 'First Robin of Spring':

Listing of above items, starting from top row, left:
Top Row:
Holly Hobbie figurine (vintage) by Jens Closet - SOLD
2nd Row:
3rd Row:
Bottom Row:
Spring Tree (Set of 3 Prints) by Modern Art Everyday - SOLD

Enjoy the fresh greenery!
p.s. Reminiscent, I realized after the fact, of a fellow Etsian (and fabulously talented) MadameDamselfly.etsy.com's past 'Robin in the Rain' Treasury. Great minds think alike! :)

Sunday Smile: Strongpaw

Strongpaw's been my kitty baby since the age of 3 days.
She was a tiny palm-sized kitten when I brought her home. I was the only kitty mama she knew.

Strongpaw now: 8 years old - crotchety & hissy - but still my palm-sized kitten.
Currently suffering from a blown knee ligament & on major pain meds. Drugged kitty = happy kitty!

Cats make me smile.


The Fawn Next Door

The other day, I noticed a new fawn on the front steps of my lovely next door neighbhour's front steps. I smiled happily, as it suited the inhabitants of the home so perfectly.  Kitten, Desiree's cat, was sunning herself next to the fawn. By the time I grabbed my camera, Kitten decided it was time to move on.

It is nice to have some fawns living next door!
Note: both of the ladies (mother & daughter) of the house next door sport the middle name 'Fawn' - how delicious is that?!


Thursday Thriftshop Therapy: Vintage Board Games

Fun for the whole family!

"It's a hit!" (Battleship battle cry)

Mastermind's colourful pegs.

Hangman spells ETSY!

The motherload of classic board games. You could not imagine my delight upon seeing all of these classics!
Master Mind

My favourite? Master Mind! I used to L O V E playing that one! Battleship was another fave. The classic Clue board game was the ultimate family game. Scrabble is the perennial favourite, though.

I could host board game parties now, but instead I shall be posting these retro cool boardgames on my Etsy shop (except for one of the two Battleships I picked up - that's for me to play with!).

Did you play any boardgames growing up? If so, which were your favourites?

That '60s Wedding Dress (Winterized)

a wedding dress plays dress-up in a winter wonderland

I love that Astrid wore her rubber boots!

As always, Grace had to get into the picture. I dig how Astrid arches back in this shot.

Astrid wanted to use old picture frames in the shoot - so glad she did!

Once again, Astrid (my muse) modeled a photoshoot for me. I have in my possession, a gorgeous 1960s vintage wedding dress that was in need of an artistic blowout. Enter Astrid & her fabulous out-in-the-country abode. I am ever so appreciative of Astrid & her family for allowing me to use their home as my creative playground, and for being such a big part of my creative process. 

Model & Creative Partner Credit: Astrid of aGirlNamedAstrid.blogspot.com & major props to Michele for her input!
Update: thank-you SoFawned.com for linking to this post on your fabulous Fawned Friday!

Note: all photographs are copyright Caren Adams. Please do not use without consent.