Hello Spring! Let's Do a Sale!

I'm a member of the Etsy Vintage Market Team, and we're collectively putting on a huge Spring sale! Lots of fabulous vintage shops are taking part, including The Vintage Apartment. Sale starts May 1st and lasts until May 8th, but most of us have our goodies on sale now! To locate all the Vintage Market Team's sale, search Etsy's Vintage category using the term "vmteamspring". Likewise, you can search all of the Team's items by searching "vmteam".

I've put a lot of my favourite items on for 20% off (prices already reduced)! There's a huge cross-section to peruse in The Vintage Sale section, such as the following sweet vintage treats:

Now head on over to Etsy.com and get your vintage groove on! :)


Etsy Front Page Love + GoGoSnap!

Thanks to the Etsy Shop GoGoSnap & Etsy.com, my Faux Bois & Beige Vintage Desk Lamp made it to front page of Etsy today!

Isn't this a scrumptious mid century modern gathering? yum!

GoGoSnap creates divine vintage-inspired correspondence. Case in point:

happy mid century day to you!

And The Sunny Giveaway Winner is...

How apropos that a winner is picked on a sunny day! Grace thought so, too, and plopped herself in the midst of my choosing a winner. In fact, the little pup even stole the winning name out of my hand! I think, secretly, Grace wanted to win it all.

a slightly wet, slightly ripped name was drawn from the mug (thanks, Grace!)

Congratulations DaKineJunks + LandingGear! You are the winner of Buttercupped's first ever giveaway, and a sunny one it is!

Contact me at vintageapartment(@)gmail.com with your mailing address & all that jazz - I shall put this little ball of sunshine in the post ASAP!

Thanks to everyone who entered my first ever Giveaway - you all made my day a little sunnier! :)
~a very happy buttercup caren


Colour Confidential: Cheery & Lapis

I took time out yesterday to get acquainted with my creative (i.e. inner child) self. I took my yoga mat (a gleeful pink!) outside and a few of my favourite things (cameras, pencils & pens, vintage childrens books, and other little doodads). I did some basic sketching & took some artsyfartsy photos with my Pentax & Diana.

Then I brought out an old, banged up canvas and painted it Cheery (which is interior latex paint by Behr that was meant for one of my apartment's walls):

Then I got a basic wood frame I picked up at Michaels ages ago & painted it Lapis blue (again, interior paint - by Benjamin Moore - that was meant for a wall):

I love the boldness of these colours! And together, they're just crazy-pretty:

Neither Cheery or Lapis will be making it on any of my walls, but I can sure use them for some creative projects! I love using left over interior latex paint for art. I don't get all careful with it - I find I'm more free & messy when I use something not intended for art.

I can't wait to see what I do with both of the above pieces! I think I'll use vintage fabric pieces to add texture.

I hope you, too, get a chance to get out & get in touch with your inner child!


Winston Through the Fence

This is Winston. He's a Boston Terrier. He belongs to my dear neighbour. He and I sometimes have a chat through the fence. 

~caren, the dog talker


Sunday Smile

The girl & her goat vintage tin made me giggle out loud when I found it.
The tiny vintage elephant bobblehead toy caused further giggles.

Obviously, they had to come home with me. Never pass something by that makes you smile instantaneously.
I hope something makes you smile today!


Saturday is for... Diana + Pentax = Love!

I'm becoming reacquainted with my dear old analogue cameras: both were my dad's. The Pentax ME SLR (circa 1970s) was my go-to camera for many years, until digital came along and took over with its instant-gratification qualities. The sweet old Diana No. 151 (circa 1960s) has seen better days, but I love her anyways and finally am playing with her.

The Diana is a bit of a flirt. She ended up getting fresh with Mr. Pentax. 

I gathered the following Pentax-related Etsy finds:

{Etsy.com source} from top left: Click | Honeywell Pentax | Take a Picture. | Zoom

I realize that many of my recent posts have been camera-related. I can't help it - I'm re-embracing my love of old technology. I've never owned a cell phone or an iPod or any other cute little pieces of modern technology ... and now I'm finding myself falling in love with what-used-to-be instead of whats-hot-now.  The only issue? Film & film processing can be expensive!
Next up will be playing with my beautiful rainbow Polaroid One-Step SX70. I recently bought film from Impossible Project ... anxiously awaiting its delivery.

This rediscovery of mine has already led to such wonderful inspiration. I'm going back to who I was, and kind of lost somewhere along the way, and that is a creative artist.
Kicking it old-school,


Buttercupped Presents: a sunny Giveaway!

To celebrate reaching 50 Followers on my sweet little blog, I decided to host an equally sweet little giveaway. The fact that it is also Earth Day gave me further incentive to make this an eco-chic giveaway!

These are all beloved pieces from my own collection! What better way to remain eco-conscious than to Recycle Reduce & Reuse? These lovely vintage pieces are all oh so very buttercuppery!

Included in this Sunshine Giveaway are:

  1. vintage handmade apron featuring yellow & paisley & a pretty scallop edge
  2. vintage yellow beaded plastic purse (made in Italy)
  3. vintage yellow polkadot scarf
  4. vintage milk glass mug by Termocnsa (featuring a yellow Holly Hobby-esque character, dog & cat)

Here I am modeling all of the goodies in this Giveaway!

the vintage yellow & paisley scallop edged apron

the vintage milk glass mug featuring a girl & her cat & dog

the mug, the purse & the scarf - they like to hang out together!

a close-up of all 4 goodies - just look at all that pattern & texture & sunny yellow!

How to Enter the Sunshine Giveaway (open world-wide!):

  1. Leave a comment, letting me know what makes you smile! Is it a kiss, a colour, a song ... ?
  2. For a bonus entry, Tweet about this giveaway! I like bonus entries. Just make sure your tweet includes @buttercupcaren and link back to this page (here's a link to use: http://bit.ly/buttercuppedGA) - leave a separate comment letting me know you tweeted about it. :)
Please make sure there's a way to contact you - whether by email, twitter, or your own blog. :)
Contest starts today (April 22nd) and ends Wednesday April 28th!
Good luck!
UPDATE: Contest has ended & winner to be announced!

Earth Day in Colour

It's simple.
It's Earth Day.
{Which should be Every Day}
Celebrate by taking a walk outside and noticing all that surrounds you.
It doesn't matter if you live in the middle of farm country or in the most urban of cities. There is something growing around you, whether it be a blade of grass, a house sparrow or a giant oak tree.

thought of the day:  don't get caught up in the 'Green' movement and 'Green' products. just be a little more conscious of how your actions affect those around you. a simple kindness, whether to a fellow human or to a patch of wilderness, can multiply into a thousand kindnesses. 

action of the day: do you see a take-out coffee cup or an empty can of pop lying in the street or along the path? pick it up & recycle it (if you live somewhere that doesn't recycle, then put it in a garbage receptacle). every small action can add up to global awareness.

thoughtfully yours,


What I Like Wednesday

What I Like Wednesday: i like circles on my skirt
What do you like on this sunny delightful Wednesday?


The Diana Scavenger Hunt

I decided I needed some creative inspiration.
I was lucky enough to randomly find Rose Eckford's blog R's Adventures - and a whole lot of Diana love. She hosts a Diana Scavenger Hunt. And I dove right in!

I have had my father's old Diana camera for a very long time. I never used it, though, as it was pretty foreign territory. Joyfully, I decided to finally use it! And I used it to take part in the Scavenger Hunt.
The learning curve is going to be bigger than I thought. It's a plastic toy camera. I thought I'd just point & shoot. Ah, but no! There is more to it than that. And I cannot wait to learn it all!
My particular Diana is from the '70s. She's kind of banged up & has some parts missing. She also, as shown in all these photos, has a big light leak in the form of a pink streak. And I have no problem with it!

Photos/Scavenger Hunt: Clockwise from top left:
  1. Something starting with the letter T - Toy robot
  2. Morning Hair - my goddaughter Astrid in the morning (wearing a vintage cape)
  3. Something sweet (and a Furry creature) - my goddaughter Astrid (sweet) and my pup Grace (furry).
  4. Look down - I saw Grace
  5. Circles - I ended up creating this circle gathering, so it wasn't really "scavenged"
  6. Clouds - yup, that's a cloud!
  7. a Number - the number 9, on a motel door
  8. Something blue - blue sky, blue motel sign
  9. Self Portait (and Something Sparkly) - that is me! Plus, there is a little sparkle from the sun
  10. Look up - I put art in the sky & looked up (art by LuckyJackson)
You can view them all on my Flickr's Scavenger Set.
Dianafully yours.

I ♥ My Diana Camera

This is a post for ♥ Much Love Monday .
♥ my Diana camera.
This is a photo from the first roll of film I ever developed from my vintage Diana. I just picked up my film today - making this an extra Happy Monday! And I'm already in love.
(photo is of my goddaughter Astrid in a vintage cape that was given to me by Desiree of SoFawned.com)
Basically, this photo represents a lot of love.
p.s. I cheated and Photoshopped a chartreuse heart onto my photo.


Sunday Smile: Crazy Eyes

Strongpaw is my kittycat. She makes me smile with those crazy big eyes (extra crazy in this photo!). 


Neighbour Friend Birthday

Happy Birthday Desiree Fawn (pictured with her camera & her little fawn)

I just got my desktop back & plugged in, and am going through my photos. I came across these, which I took during a little photo outing my lovely neighbour and I went on a little while ago.
Perfect timing, too, because it's Desiree's birthday today!
Pop on over to SoFawned.com to wish Desiree a happy birthday or just to visit her beautiful blog. :)

Saturday is for... Pottery!

I do enjoy pretty pottery pieces (and alliteration!).
Here's a smattering of a few favourite ceramic artists I visit on Etsy:

Kim Westad's Sweet Peas are the sweetest!
(I have 3 of these pretties - 1 each yellow, orange & green)

Stepanka Ceramics's Wall Pillows & Wall Cloud Pillows (SOLD) are so dreamy!

Fruit Fly Pie makes the grooviest owl planters!

I have a little collection of new & vintage pottery pieces. Vases, little bowls, creamer & sugar sets, figurines ... I may have more of a thing for ceramic art than I previously thought. Does this mean I collect pottery? Well then, I better add to my collection! :)


Thursday Thriftshop Therapy: Old Books

I have so many vintage books that I've thrifted or that I've kept from my own childhood or my parents' collection. There's something about old books. Stack them on top of one another and voila! You have an elegant display. I had fun with props, throwing in a pair of vintage reading glasses & a desk lamp.

This is another reason I love used/vintage books - personal inscriptions and/or having someone's name written in it. Gives the book true history & an emotional history.

I can't wait to have a proper place to display my children's books, old & new, as they are my favourite type of book. Vintage style/decorating books are also display-worthy! I will definitely be doing something nifty with my graphic novels & classic pinup books. :)

Do you have a particular way you like to display books? Lay them flat like I've done above, or shelve them by colour? Share your ideas!