the one with the storm in it

she watched the sky turn against itself
whirling wisps of darkness curling into one another
it fascinated her
she stood her ground

the tree swayed against the grey

her rain boots fought valiantly

heaviness entered

then sweetness

a pearl of rain was left behind

I love storm watching.


Sunday Smile: Cat in Luggage

I had to take a photo of Strongpaw checking out my newly thrifted 1960s luggage set; it definitely made me smile! Good to know they are cat approved. Not that she likes to travel, mind you. She just likes to look stylish.

~Caren, who loves her vintage floral luggage set!


Weekend Project: shelving

Yesterday, a sunny & lovely Friday, I decided to accomplish something that has been on my To Do List (part of Operation: Organization). I threw myself into it, spending a total of about 5 hours to complete the preliminary work. Today, I installed the shelving - completing something that I've been wanting to do for months. Happy!

The task: To reinvent some old shelving I had. Turn unfinished knotty pine shelves & galvanized metal tracking into something fresh for my new office space.

The tools: 
  • B.I.N. primer (needed to properly cover the knots in the pine)
  • Cloud White paint
  • Orange spray paint
  • 2 unfinished 8" deep x 3' wide knotty pine shelves
  • 2 galvanized steel shelving tracks
  • 4 8" steel shelving brackets
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stud finder
This is the photo journey of my DIY weekend:

Did all the painting outside as it was all toxic stuff. Grace, of course, had to "help".

Afterwards, my neighbour popped over for a visit & her daughter thought it was quite the playground!

Wearing masks can be sexy.

The drill! I ♥ my Makita.

Hammering in the necessary drywall plugs where no wall studs were found.

The stud finder! A girl's best friend.

Finished product! I am so happy with the results! Blue & orange are fab together.

To prove I did a good job, here's a shot of the level on a newly installed shelf. Not bad, eh?

I cannot wait to fill these new shelves with some of my favourite things! I have so many drawings of how I wanted my finished office to look, and while it is coming along quite beautifully, this was one of the main aspects to the redesign. I have one more shelf to hang, an Ikea LACK shelf that has a fresh coat of Cloud White paint on it. 
I'll be doing more blog posts about the continuing saga that is Operation: Organization! :)
~Caren, who totally deserves an ice cream!


she twirls, he stood still.

Twirling Astrid - Standing Still Max

Happiness = a moment of inspired twirling + a dog who's utterly unaware

~vicariously twirling Caren


the one with seersucker

I thrifted a seersucker skirt, which totally made my day sweet.
I have such a love for the seersucker. It's a charming fabric, with its commonplace quality.

I hope you find something to make your day a little sweeter, too!


Sunday Smile: Red Bull

he's red. he's a bull. he's vintage. and he makes me smile.

posing inside.

posing outside.

~caren, who doesn't mind a little bull now & then ;)


a perfect day: birds

It is the perfect day.
Bright blue skies,
Cheerful breeze,
Nature all a'twitter!

The osprey is a delight. A mated pair come back to my 'hood every year. This one is hunting for lunch (I kept a watch on Grace!).

A female purple finch (and her colourful mate, not pictured) were munching on some seedpods.

A bird posed a while, quite prettily! I have as of yet identified this bird. Anyone know? I thought at first it was a waxwing.

This is my idea of a perfect day. The weather is clear, bright, breezy (not hot, not humid, just right!). Nature is active, showing off what it's got. I love birds, so the fact the birds were aplenty made my morning walk extra-special. It's a day where you feel anything is possible. If I could, I would go on a road trip; it's that kind of day.
I hope your day is equally enchanting, in whatever way that takes shape.

Wishing I could Donnybrook...

In response to a recent post by mygirlthursday regarding a local  (Warkworth, Ontario) annual giant auction/thrifting event called the Donnybrook (for serious thrifters only!), I thought I'd put together my Thrift Want List like thursday did 'cause she inspired me so!

These are the pretties I'd be after if I were to make it to the Donnybrook this Saturday evening:

Any orange typewriter will do!

{source: flickr} Cathrineholm enamelware!

{source: flickr} Vintage cameras!

{source: Kerry Beary} basically, anything seen in her art or in this photo!

{source: doe c doe} Vintage magazines with pretty pictures!

My eyes would lock with anything Mid Century Modern (oh, those Danish clean lines!). Industrial vintage chic would also be on my radar. If any summer frocks in my size came into view, I'd snatch those up too.

What would you be diving for at a town-wide auction/flea market? Or is it just too much to fathom?

Sadly, I doubt I'll be attending the Donnybrook so this post is for the dreamer in me (I'm always hunting for the elusive Cathrineholm designs!). One year, though, I will make it there and I will come home with a car full of vintage glory. :)
~dreamy-eyed caren


happy birthday Karen!

Birthday photo montage of my bestie, the "other" Karen (or the Karen with a "K")!

This is a blog birthday message to Karen, a very dear friend of mine (we're the Karen & Caren combo!).
May red roses, old school tattoos, vibrant colours, the creative spirit, dreams, tea & cake, dearhearts & kittycats fill your every day!
♥ caren & grace

i see you.

i see you.

i never get tired of Grace's reflective eyes.


What's on my nightstand?

Thought I'd depart from the usual, and shine a light on my nightstand! Particularly the stack of books to be found there. And one magazine. I didn't realize just how many books I have on the go all at once until I stacked them neatly:

June 2010 Chatelaine

I've been having a hard time concentrating on books of late, which is why so many are on the go all at once. Pride & Prejudice works best whilst being read in a bubble bath, which I don't do so much of in the summer. The School of Essential Ingredients is a very light read, a lot of which is food-oriented which I can get behind. The Collection is a new one to me, and I was entranced by the idea of peeking into the world of Parisian fashion circa World War 1. I snatched The Naughty Secretary Club from mygirlthursday during our combined yard sale (I'm interested in learning how to make necklaces). And this month's issue of Chatelaine was necessary simply because I enjoy perusing magazines (particularly Canadian-based ones). Voila! An admittedly female-centric pile of reading material! (I have a stack of comic books sitting across the room, though, to keep me grounded in geekery!)
What's on your reading list?

Mr. Robin

I call him Mr. Robin (no idea if he's a he or a she, but I always think of robins as misters). He owns my Serviceberry tree. He's the only robin that comes to munch on the berries. He does not allow any other bird to eat those tempting red berries.

I have a love/hate relationship with the dapper little fellow. I love that I get to watch & interact with him every day, but bemoan the fact that he scares away the delightful Chickadee or the whimsical Cedar Waxwing (this bird is my favourite of all birds & I actually planted the Serviceberry specifically to attract the waxwing). So, you can see how I could be miffed at Mr. Robin. He is a bit of a territorial jerk.

But he's my backyard jerk, and he likes to pose for the camera so I guess it's okay. :)


Tuesday is for Etsy: a little pyrex love

This week's Tuesday is for Etsy is dedicated to the fine art of Pyrex bowls:

A photo I took of a friend's counter-top display of colour-infused Pyrex bowls.

Here's a few fab Pyrex related items I found on Etsy:

Set of 2 Spring Blossoms by The Vintage Apartment (yes, shameless self promotion!)

Pyrex is easy to love/covet!


i ♥ my blue umbrella

I got an umbrella for my backyard. I coveted the pink one my neighbour recently purchased and so popped over to our local Jysk to copycat her style. My eyes fell upon the blue version and it was instant love.

I already had a cast iron base to put the umbrella in, but it was a boring bland green. I could not bear to put my new blue umbrella in such a dull apparatus! So I ventured to our local Canadian Tire & bought the prettiest blue spray paint I could find (also ended up getting orange & yellow too). I spent the afternoon spray painting the dull green metal base, refreshing it to a delicious aqua blue, and setting up my new blue umbrella.

Next up? Spray painting the 2 chairs the same aqua blue.  I have so many objects I want to freshen up with a spray of bright, bold colour! This could be a new addiction...

~colour-crazy caren



Astrid set this shot up for me.
"The evolution of Life"
It could happen.
It should end at giraffe, naturally.


Sunday Smile: feeling goofy!

Had too much fun trying on my goddaughter Astrid's vintage glasses! Was in a wonderfully goofy frame of mind. At one time, the two of us donned light-up tiaras, vintage scarves & the fun glasses as seen above. 

Playing dress-up made me smile. You're never too old!