take me for a walk!

this is Gracie asking me, silently, to just go ahead and walk her already! :)

I'll be away for a few days, starting tomorrow. I've been busy preparing for my short cottage getaway over the past couple of days, and tomorrow is the day I actually leave. yay! I'll try not to focus on the weather forecast that calls for rain EVERY day I'm at the cottage. Grace will be utterly aghast if she has to stay inside the whole time we're at a pretty lakeside locale. Me? Well, I did want to canoe a little and do many nature walks, but I'm bringing lots of books, Scrabble, & Big Bang Theory to keep me occupied on rainy days!

I've scheduled blog posts to happen during my away-time, so that things don't get stagnant around these parts! My Etsy shop, The Vintage Apartment, will remain open while I'm away.

I think I'll miss the internet a little. But only a little! (ok, twitter withdrawal is a given)

Have a beautiful week, my friends. Bring in September with joy in the heart!


the one with the folk festival

I grabbed Grace and headed to our annual (free) folk festival that happens to occur right at the end of my street. I met with my goddaughter Astrid along the way (as well as her two girlfriends) and many giggles did ensue. I ended up not listening to a lick of music, which is somewhat odd since the folk festival is all about the music. I was distracted by other things going on, but it was nice to hear the live music in the background whilst I walked around all the artisans & food tents.

The afternoon was spent gawking at pretty things, buying many a sweet thing from Black Honey's stand, and bumping into friends. I didn't take many photos (again, distracted), but here's a few I and my goddaughter did capture:

LOVE the sweet little stuffies this artisan makes. Lucky for all of us, she has a website (katiemclellan.com) so you can learn more about her. Here's one of her owl stuffy mobiles:

*giggle* I added 'Grace - free!' to the blackboard digitally. Photo by Astrid.

That's my dear friend Leigh behind the Honey's booth. I love that she's a manager at the sweetest cafe in town.  Black Honey, a local dessert cafe, was the only destination I sought out. And the only place I spent my money. I came home with two vegan brownies and one honey delight. Oh, and a homemade iced tea.

Astrid took this delicious shot of the vegan brownies, getting deliciously melted in the heat! yum!

Astrid bought a darling little tile pendant by the equally darling Apples with Honey
If I hadn't have spent all my $$ on sweets, I'd have gone home with one too!

Close-up of sweet pendant - love that squirrel!

Me walking home after a delightful afternoon. Notice, I'm wearing my Lune Vintage fringe anklet!

It's good to live in a town that's crafty & musical, full of friendly, interesting folk. It's nice to be able to focus on that part of life.
p.s. I spent half my time at the festival trying to find a lost dog's owners. Turns out the owner was right across the street from me, visiting from Alberta & got loose from its owners' RV. Secretly, I wanted to keep the pup, so was kinda sad when the mystery was resolved. A fabulous Good Samaritan couple helped deduce the dog owners' whereabouts. That was a lovely part of the day, even if it was sad to see the dog lost & scared. Wish I got a photo of the sweetie!

Saturday is for... the monarch butterfly

I've been perusing Monarch Butterflies on Etsy of late. 
Here's a few fluttery finds I'd like to share:

Polaroid (using Impossible Project's edge cut film) of my white butterfly bush.
You can hardly see them, but there are 4 monarch butterflies in this polaroid!
The one in flight is the easiest one to see.

I've had a lot of butterfly action in my backyard the past week or two. It's the season where Monarchs start to fly south. It's a long, perilous journey so they need to take lots of pit stops along the way. The last spot they hit in Ontario, before they go over a large body of water, is Point Pelee. One day, I'd love to go to Point Pelee in September, when the Monarchs are in the thousands, fueling for their long trip.

The wing of the Monarch is a study in colour and pattern. Such a delight, everytime!

May your days be filled with the sweetness of a butterfly,


end of summer sunset

The other night, the sun was setting
in delightful shades of pinks and purples
with a dollop of bright gold lining the horizon
a perfect playground for photography!

the spider was the first thing I noticed
delicately hanging on her web
backlit by the prettiest of pinks

went for a walk into the trail
following the colours in the sky
liked the way it looked through the grass

and yes, I had to get all artsy on myself and pose in front of said sky,
~sunset-loving caren


last night: Michael Kaeshammer

Michael Kaeshammer, boogie-woogie piano man extraordinaire! {source}

I was waiting all summer long for August 25th to come around, so I could rekindle my love affair of Michael Kaeshammer. He is utterly swoon-worthy to listen/watch live. He handles a piano the way you'd like a man to handle... well, you get the idea. Sometimes he's fast and furious and you can't even keep up with his pounding of the keys, then he teases you with little melodies and flirty banter. Did I mention he can sing, too?

The man couldn't keep his piano bench on the ground, he played so hard.

I first caught Michael Kaeshammer 5 or 6 years ago. I had never heard his music before, but when I saw his name pop up as a jazz pianist/singer coming to town I immediately got tickets. Researched him a bit, loved the little bit I saw/heard. And BAM! Seeing him live was a revelation. Since then, I kept tabs on his career and hoped for his eventual return to my town. Fast forward to 2010.

Having a chat with his audience.

Michael did a Wednesday night (free) show at our local Musicfest. I usually end up catching one of the shows of this summer-long free music event. The last time I went, was to see another jazzy Canadian named Matt Dusk. Can you tell I like the jazz? All I had to do is grab a lawn chair and head out to Little Lake, buy some kettle corn and get entranced by some crazy piano playing. Not to mention the bassist, Mark Rogers (dude, that man can play some serious funk!) and drummer Mark McLean (who beats his drums with rhythmic style).

Michael & Mark McLean cutting up the stage with their dueling piano & drum act.
They were so fast, at one point it was all a blur! A neon blur.

One of the many food concession stands at the Musicfest. Look at all that cotton candy!

The Musicfest is one of the many things I love about the city I live in. Free music all summer long? Hello! Next up is this weekend's free Folk Festival (which happens to occur practically right next door to me). Like music? Move to Peterborough. It's that simple.
Also, can you tell I have a crush on Kaeshammer? I think I made it a little too obvious...


We were Busy Bees

I finally got to Campbellford to check out the (infamous) Busy Bee thrift shop! And when I say finally, I don't just mean that I've wanted to go for a long time. There was Navigator issues on our way to this unknown territory. Two directionally challenged women helmed the car. This meant it took us a little bit longer to get to our destination than it should've. But, boy, was it fun getting lost along the way!
(we also got a bit lost on the way home, but luckily Jen has an iPhone - we followed the little blue ball all the way home!)

This gentleman sat on that couch for a long time; I wonder if he's still there?

Snapshots of a day spent in good company (people & vintage chairs alike!)
Tim Horton's Campbellford made a sprinkled donut specially for the Princess Claire.

Jen (aka luckyjackson on Etsy) and I had these smiles plastered on as soon as we saw the thrifty bounty!

a few of my favourite finds (including a roll of vintage wallpaper, bits shown here); plus the popcorn popper! it's orange! 

the owl mirror? yah, I love him.

This is the 3rd part to a series of posts dedicated to this day of happiness. Isn't it wonderful to spend an entire day with a good friend who shares your passions/obsessions and doesn't mind getting lost along the way?
Previous posts from this day include 'the one where the horses played' and 'dog meet princess'


no time for crappy thoughts

Just a general thought I think is worth sending out into the universe.

Sunday Smile: dog meet princess

This is the story of Princess Claire and my dog Grace. It's a very short story.
Princess Claire asked her mother and I if we could "go back to the puppy" during our outing.
When we finally did  return to my home, Grace was overjoyed.
Princess Claire was equally joyful.
Grace acquiesced to all of Princess Claire's orders.
Except, Grace wouldn't stop kissing her.
I don't think Princess Claire really minded, though. 

The smiles never ended.
note: this is a part of the previous post's (the one where the horses play) events. more posts dedicated to this day of fun to continue!


the one where the horses played

Oh, how the horses played!
I was mesmerized.
They frolicked and pranced,
Then sauntered over to my outreached hand.
I shooed their flies from their regal faces,
Giggled at their silly behavior.
I left them, heart full.

Taken during a road trip with a friend (which has enough fodder for a few blog posts, this is the first of the bunch).
Polaroid taken with my trusty Sun 600, and the delightful Impossible Project's Edge Cut film.


The Lilly Pulitzer Skirt

The other day, when I spent time with my goddaughter Astrid,
I brought along a vintage skirt to do a photoshoot with. 
Of course, there had to be jumping involved!

I just listed this skirt on my vintage Etsy shop, too.
It's the sweetest thing (much like the girl wearing the skirt!).

It's the first time I've posted clothing in the shop, but not the last!
I have more skirts, dresses & jackets to list over the next few weeks.


wallpaper ♥

A friend of mine is looking for wallpaper to do up her powder room. I went along with her to look at all the pretty patterns. I came home with the above book, because the wallpaper on the cover made me swoon.

Thing is, my apartment couldn't handle wallpaper. So, I basically just daydreamed.

It was fun to daydream, though!


Etsy Front Page ♥ Factorygirlashli

Woke up this morning to seeing my vintage peanut tin on the front page of Etsy.com
Now that's a sweet way to start the day!
Thanks to Factorygirlashli for creating such a cool treasury, that Etsy would pick it for some morning viewing!

Here's The Vintage Apartment item that found itself on the front page:

Etsy.com's front page when I turned on my computer this morning.

Ashli is based in Illinois, where she creates darling creations for us to adorn ourselves with. Her jewelry has such whimsy, it's hard not to love. Here's a few of my favourite pieces (just look at that Dachshund!):

Visit Ashli's various online networking spaces:

Thank you Ashli for making a front page-worthy treasury! :)


she waits

"she waits"

i love it's process, it's ethereal quality, it's blueness.

i took this photo of Astrid during our fun photoshoot on Saturday. she's my muse. she wore her grandmother's wedding dress & we used nature as her altar.
♥ caren
p.s. just found out (via Impossible Project's twitter) that they have a contest on best PX70 FF shot. i entered this polaroid in hopes of winning a chance to be an official tester. *fingers crossed*

the one with the spider

no word of a lie,
i spent about 40 minutes watching this spider
make her giant web
mere moments before a storm hit
and destroyed her work of (purposeful) art.
i was captured by the bright orange colouring and striped legs
what a fashionable little spider she is!
she also donned a white mod flower design on her back,
but she was too shy to let me photograph it.
what a creepy crawly wonder of nature she is.

p.s. i found her earlier today, building a shiny new web post-storm.


Sunday Smile: Yesterday

i drank tea from a sweet cup
which had deeper meaning than just that
as it was tea blessed by a priest
(and yes, it did taste sweeter)

i spent the day amongst
polaroid cameras, vintage typewriters
colourful pearls and pretty pyrex bowls
that peeked at me from around every corner

for all of these reasons, and more, i found reason to smile.

Hop over to my goddaughter Astrid's blog 'a girl named astrid' to see her post about our happy day together (Astrid is the model in the above photos).


the one with the bicycle

polaroid taken by a girl named astrid

i got to ride a friend's (hello mchele!) adorable vintage-style bicycle a while ago. 
i myself have a mountain bike, which lacks on the cuteness & comfort factor (but i like that it's purple).
riding the cruiser-style bicycle made me want one real bad. 
you sit up straight & feel like you're in another era.
i may bring my old purple mountain bike into a shop & get it upgraded to hybrid status (a pseudo cruiser).
~cruisin' caren


a happy day!

me & some of my favourite girls.

I got a new 'do today.
This is no small task, as I haven't had my hair professionally cut/coloured in many a moon.
I knew it was going to be all good as soon as I first set eyes on Jill, my new (divine!) hair guru. She has the prettiest flower chest piece I've ever seen. I love a beautiful tattoo on a girl.

This is Jill Evans. Obviously, she's sugarsweet. I feel quite privileged that she did my hair. :)

how i spent my happy day.

After I got my hair done, and felt like myself for the first time in a long time, I went shopping.
At Value Village (searching for funky vintage finds).
Lo and behold, I bumped into one of my favourite peoples in the whole wide world.
Her name is Jennifer (aka Lucky Jackson) and she's awesome in every way.
So are her two red-headed darlings.
We had a happy day. We shopped, we Starbucked. We laughed. We had happiness in our hands.
Funny thing, too. Turns out Jen went to Jill for hair styling fun, too!! Ah, small world awesomeness.

the new 'do!

back of the new 'do!

I have Julie to thank for today. She recommended Jill to me. So, thank you oodles Julie! Jill really is all that and more.

Today was brought to you by the letter J (Julie, Jill, Jennifer = joy!).