sunset wow!

watching the sun set tonight was awe-inspiring. moments like that make a girl believe in magic.

I took this just about 30 minutes ago, rushing to find my camera and dash out the front in my housecoat possibly looking like a nutcase. Totally worth it. :)

Love needed on sick days

This is the view I wake up to every morning.

And right now, it's the face that is asking me to play, play, play whilst I (continue) to be sick in bed. Thought I'd share the impossible cute-factor that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I love that face!

And this is the mug I'm using to drink my steeped lemon & honey out of whilst feeling under the weather. It's a lovely thing to have tons of tiny hearts to look at when you need the extra love. It's like a hug in a mug.

I haven't done a Much Love Monday entry in a long time, but seeing these photos of the heart mug & my dog's mug (ha!) made me want to do just that. If you haven't been to Anna's ongoing Monday Love posts, go now!
~sicky-boo Caren

the one with the banjo

If I haven't mentioned it before, I am going to now: I love the banjo. For years, I've wanted to learn to play or at least just own one so I could look cool holding it. I think people who play the banjo have an instant It factor. 'Cause the banjo is just that awesome. I have a crush on Steve Martin 'cause he plays the banjo.

So, when I went into a pub called The Stinking Rose in Campbellford Ontario, I swooned when I saw a banjo hanging on the wall. I practically choked when the woman working told me I could play it. I tentatively took it off its hook and held it close. It was my first time touching a banjo. It felt so good. I ignored the pretty guitar that hung next to it, but I did fondle the mandolin just a little (not pictured). Yes, I am an instrument tart. I won't even get into the fact that the womens washroom housed a full set of drums.

Whilst at The Stinking Rose, I drank beer (a local micro-brew Northumberland Ale) and stared longingly at the banjo. I got tons of photos of me strumming it, and I'm sure I'm holding it all wrong and I definitely couldn't play a proper melody, but it felt so good to just hold it! One day, I will have a banjo of my very own, and know how to play a few happy toe-tapping tunes.

~banjo-lovin' Caren


the handmade Dachshund

It could be that I'm a bit doxie-centric. I already did a post dedicated to the fashionable Dachshund a few weeks ago, but here I am again, focusing on that lengthy wiener dog. I can't help it.
In fact, I'm making a statement right here, right now: The Dachshund is the new Pug.
There. It's been said.

This post is dedicated to handmade art that gives some love to the doxie. All of which were found on Etsy.com. I do realize I spend too much time looking for dashchund-related objects on Etsy, but can you blame me?

Weiner Dog by bee things

Bag O' Doxies by Sweet Little Birdie 

hand-painted doxie pendant by Heather Kent

Lucy the wiener dog by Friends of the Socktopus

Wiener Love by Poor Dog Farm

May the wiener force be with you!
~giggling Caren


Sunday Smile: cutest little pony

This little one made me smile. She was rubbing her bum, most delightedly, against this rock the entire time I was photographing her. Such a cheeky little pony!


Saturday is for... friends

Polaroid of Desiree's little Gretchen and my pup Grace tasting the duck's crumbs.

The other day, I spent a lovely early evening with my neighbour & friend Desiree (of sofawned.com), her daughter Gretchen, my goddaughter Astrid and my dog Grace. The polaroid above captured little G and my puppydog Grace begging for some of the bread crumbs meant for the birds.

Below is a photographic summery of the Autumn delights of the rest of the evening:

little G running to give her mama a hug!

Polaroid: SX70 Alpha, Impossible Project's Color Shade
I hope you get to have some quality friend-time, too!
note: 2nd photo, of me & my dog's feet by Astrid.


I love my kitty coasters!

I got these adorable vintage tin kitty coasters from Etsy seller Vintage Hedgehog.
I had my eye on them for a while, and finally decided I had to have them in my apartment.
One of my happiest purchases! Such delightful kitties!
I enjoy having them sprawled on my little table amongst my deer. :) 

~happy kitty Caren


a mid-afternoon snack

I often get hungry around 3pm, which is pretty common to most people. Today, I decided to make an easy in-between meal using organic low-sodium tortilla chips and a not-that-healthy nacho cheese sauce. I no longer have a microwave (yay!) so use the little orange sauce pan to melt most everything. It makes for a yummier sauce, whether it comes out of a jar or homemade.

I find using pretty/happy dishware makes a simple snack into something more special. So, from the use of the cute tiny orange saucepan to a vintage spoon rest, all the way to my favourite blue bowl & one of my many vintage juice glasses - well, I enjoyed this afternoon snack all the more!

~snacky Caren

she chased the sun home

the girl with the umbrella
left the woods behind
chasing the sun all the way home

she kept a photo
to remind herself
how it felt to have
sunspots dapple down upon her
as she fell down from the sky

Polaroid: Sun600, Impossible Project's PX600 Silver Shade

So ends the escapades of my goddaughter Astrid & I, on a sunny happy day filled with vintage dresses & many cameras. :)
Can't wait to have another photoshoot with Astrid & her vintage dresses! Astrid & I have so much fun doing our mini photoshoots, and she always has the most adorable outfits. It's not hard to see why Astrid is my muse!


she took her umbrella into the woods

she saw it was sunny today
so took her umbrella into the woods
she found sunspots to stand under
letting them shine down upon her
so happy did they make the girl with the umbrella
that she jumped for joy!
when she left the woods behind,
she still felt the sun's happy warmth
embrace her.

Dress: Vintage
Umbrella: Vintage

may the sun shine upon you!


she wore tulips into the woods

she put on her tulip dress
before walking into the woods
she was searching for something
in the brightly lit grove
and as she was leaving
found it in the form of a photograph

Dress: Vintage
Polaroid: Sun600 using Impossible Project's PX600 Silver Shade


Sunday Smile: Walk-a-Cat

I saw this sweet little black kittycat out for a stroll yesterday. First time I glanced her was on the shoulder of her owner, just sprawled out & quite content with her outing at Art in the Park. Next time I spotted her, she was walking on a leash, towards me. Obviously, I had to stop and take a snap 'cause it's not very often you see a kittycat getting walked on a leash.

parrot cat!



Saturday is for... Art in the Park!

A sunny (and kinda chilly) Saturday in September spent at our town's annual Art in the Park! I have attended this event every year it's been active; it's something I always look forward to. Not only for gandering at some local artists' art, but to socialize and visit The Silver Bean for a hot drink & a ginger cookie. This year was made awesome by two artisans in particular:
my girl thursday: Chantilly had cookies to give out! Hello! Pumpkin cookies. In a vintage cookie jar (as seen above). How delicious!
jackson creek press: always a joy to see Jeff's old school letterpress art on display & have a wee chat (left his booth with 2 more JCP items in hand)

My Girl Thursday makes the sweetest things. I'm modeling one of her smock aprons (reversible!) in the top right photo with her. She also makes chalkboard totes & her newest sweetest thing is the Dolly Face belt buckles. There's a close up of one held by Rebecca, below:

I spent the day with my friend Rebecca, also an artist. We were loud and laughing during our entire time together. My Girl Thursday was equally full of joie de vive, so the three of us had a darling time together. It was hard not to stay with Chantilly the entire time, as her booth was just so yum.  But then we visited Jeff over at Jackson Creek, and were equally delighted. I own some of Jackson Creek's work, and do so adore it. I picked up a letterpress card & a lovely letterpress booklet to draw in. Thanks Jeff!

Jackson Creek Press - a plethora of letterpress design. The upper left photo shows the card & booklet I got for myself. I laughed aloud at the Bart piece, above right.

Me and Rebecca, we were grinning like fools the entire day, I swear. Fools! :)

I hope you had an equally artsy & smile-worthy weekend!


polaroid: feet in water

my feet, in water {wonky effect due to crazy bright sunset lighting}

Impossible Project PX70 Color Shade
SX70 Alpha Polaroid



music: OK Go

Haven't heard of OK Go? I hadn't heard of them, either, before my goddaughter Astrid showed me this video on YouTube. Then I had to watch all of their videos. And visit their website and learn as much as I could about them. Next stop? Buying an album (or two).
If you are new to them, then prepare for laughter and good vibes, plus a healthy dose of body-moving-inducing music.
I loved that they posted on their blog about how vexed they are that their record label won't let people embed their videos on their blogs, etc. So, they have the above Vimeo for us to share. Go team OK!


Sunday Smile: Polaroid + Robot

they came by water, air and land;
to take over this planet we call Earth.
tiny tin robots by the millions,
or maybe just one.

the robot took my dear polaroid,
quite by force.
now they live together in harmony,
both wanting the same thing:
to rule the world.

all in all, I had to smile
note: Impossible Project's Edge Cut 600 & my Sun600 Polaroid were used to take the polaroid (but that's an SX70 Alpha in the last photo)


Saturday is for... yard sales!

Myself & my beautiful neighbour & friend Desiree (of sofawned.com fame) held an impromptu yard sale this morning. A laid back affair, that ended up being more about hanging out together than actually selling much of anything. Des, her daughter Gretchen, me and my pup Grace all sat on the driveway, watching the world go by and enjoying one another's company (except for when Grace barked unsolicited). I also love the excuse to wear an apron; and my choice is a blue polkadot number. bliss!

Near the end of our morning outside, my goddaughter Astrid (whose pretty toes you see in that last photo above) joined in on the fun making it even more of a lovely day!

Oh, yes, and I baked chocolate chip cookies to sell (which I did at our previous yard sale, too). We ended up eating more than we sold; not complaining!

I hope your Saturday was filled with as much good company, laughter, and cookies as ours was!