Sunday Smile: halloween retrospective

The Child Years: I always wanted a kitty, but had to be happy being one instead.

The Party Years: My ode to Tank Girl. I had the most fun making this costume!
note: ripped off my head due to extreme drunken face

The Adult Years: Last time I dressed up for Halloween. Inspired by Sin City & Kill Bill.

Wish I had more photos taken of my history of Halloween costumes! I haven't "celebrated" Halloween since my early 30s. I still partake in miniature chocolate bars from time to time, but not just on October 31st, it's more of a year-round interest.

In my 20s and even in my early 30s, I liked to get dressed up to go to parties or out to bars and be silly. Now, though, I like quiet. I turn off all the lights & put up a note saying No Candy Here (or something like that). I've become the scrooge of Halloween.

If I still had the spirit, though, I'd either wear a vintage nurse's uniform, be a 1960s airline stewardess or be a catwoman. The only regret I have is that I never dressed up as Batgirl when I was little.

I'm going to rent out some movies and bake some cookies tonight, whilst trying to ignore the doorbell.
Happy Halloween!


Giveaway: blogiversary style!

Time to celebrate this blog's first year anniversary (a blogiversary!) with a giveaway full of happiness!
I contacted my local artisans & peeps to see if they'd like to partake in this big day, and they all said Yes! This is good news for you, 'cause it means you get some pretty awesome swag!

The big first prize includes:

But wait! Just one prize won't do! I think a second goodie bag is in order:

The second prize includes:
  • a tote bag by the lovely mygirlthursday made with green & pink happy floral vintage fabric
  • gold dress & balloons embroidered art by the delightful luckyjackson
  • a small journal & 2 Christmas cards by kickass letterpress artist jacksoncreekpress

Perfect to keep or to give as gifts (Christmas is coming!). A little something extra will be added to BOTH prize packs. Shhh. It's a secret!

How to enter, you ask? It's simple!
  • Be a tea & chickadees follower and Leave a comment, letting me know that one little thing that always makes you happy.
I'm on twitter, as @buttercupcaren, so feel free to spread the word about this giveaway there!

Giveaway is open for international entries, 'cause I don't believe in borders. :)

Contest ends November 1st!
Good luck, my little chickadees...
p.s. if you've been following me a while, then you'll notice lots of changes around here - new name (not Buttercupped any more!), new look, new domain (teachickadees.com) - but it's all still the same inside. :)


the one with the tutus

Here's a story of
Two girls and their tutus
Who went out for a stroll
Wearing jeans & sneakers & frilly things
They leapt and twirled
'Til they were dizzy
Then opened up their kitty umbrella
And headed home again.

Astrid holding all of the paraphernalia after our 'shoot.

 What better way to spend a quiet Tuesday afternoon, than to parade around wearing a pink tutu and a white crinoline?
I hope you get a chance to do the unexpected someday soon, too!
~tutu Caren


Sunday Smile: be my guest!

Hello chickadees! Today's Sunday Smile is brought to you by other blogs!

1. For The Easily Distracted
snapshot of what I'm easily distracted by

I did a guest blog post over at the fellow-lomography-lover Rhianne's blog For The Easily Distracted. Rhianne went on vacation, and when she asked for guest posters, I jumped at the chance. I decided to focus my distraction on my love of vintage cameras & on Etsy finds.

2. Thrift Collective
my free thrift find (dog not included!)

I was asked if I wanted to start being a contributor to a new blog entitled Thrift Collective, where people can share their thrifty goodness. I had just scored the above chair & thought it would make for an entertaining first post. Hop on over to to read my little story about how I thrifted at the grocery store.

If you haven't checked out either of these blogs before, hop on over and give them some love (and feel free to comment on my posts while you're there)! :)
~blog hopping Caren


Saturday is for... nature walks

When I take Grace for a walk, we use the same walking route pretty much every time; not because it's my intention, but because my dog takes ME for a walk. She knows which way she likes to go. We always end up in the same spot, next to the water on a foot path, where she can run free and be silly & smell the grasses with no interruption. I don't mind that it's always the same, as within the sameness there is beauty. I am able to see the most minute difference each time we take this path. Slightly more yellow in the leaves of one tree, more Queen Anne's Lace gone brown & brittle, a random rock colourfully painted. I'm able to notice the changes within the sameness.


Coffee meet Honey Bear

I like honey in (and on) my morning lattes.
The honey bear watches over the mug of foamy goodness,
Making sure no one tries to steal my happiness.

Do you like honey in your coffee, too?


Inspired by: black white yellow

A long while ago, I did a treasury on Etsy that was dedicated to the colour combo black, white & yellow. It's still one of my favourite treasuries; in fact I think I'll revisit the theme soon! But, that's not the point. The point is, it's a fabulous colour combo and also the name of a pretty darn cool blog. I came across said blog, Black White Yellow, via a tweet. I was immediately drawn to the creator's design aesthetic.

I then found myself thinking in black, white & yellow. Whilst perusing Etsy.com, I kept coming across fabulously tacky '80s sweaters in bold graphic patterns. Proof:

Um. So, I ended up revisiting the treasury-making idea:

I think I better step away from this colour palette for a while. I kind of overdid it. I might've hurt something.


yellow & blue sky today

the sky was yellow and blue today
i sat and watched the happy flutter of colour
waiting for bits of yellow to fly above my head
i think the sky was happier
when it mixed its blue with yellow today.
~sky-watcher Caren


Sunday Smile: when all else fails, bake.

I found myself fumbling through the day today, a day of too many to-dos, so I ended up baking instead. Here is the fruit of my labour, along side a unicorn mug full of tea.

~muffin girl Caren


Change is Good... so they say

This is a rarity around these parts, this is a text only post. *gasp*! I know, it's a strange and colourless world without an image. The reason? I'm sharing some news with you and didn't want to distract you with pretty pictures (except for that of my new header ... which is a giant clue to the Changes the title of this post eludes to).

My one year blogiversary is this month, and I'm pretty excited about this fact. This world of Blog has been a bit of a lifesaver for me, after a lot of life changes left me somewhat lost. Change is Good, but it sometimes takes a while to figure that out. I've finally figured it out! I'm quite pleased with myself on that point. :)

So, why am I sharing this with you?

All this new-found knowledge means it's time to shake things up around these parts!

Buttercupped has been good to me (and to you, I hope?), however it is quite steeped in my past. A happy past, at that, but I want to venture into the unknown now. I'm working hard on the next phase of things, which includes putting my artistic self into practice, and can't wait to share the fruits of my labour!

If you've been following Buttercupped for a while, then you'll notice I already started to make changes. Most obvious of them all is the new header & name of my blog, 'tea & chickadees: a blog about the little things'. The new name & look is Me. I am the girl who loves the ceremony of tea & never tires of sweet chickadees. I look to the little things in life for joy.

I hope all these changes don't confuse you, my dear readers. The content will remain the same, and I promise lots of creativity & fun in the coming weeks - so sit back, sip some tea, & enjoy the ride. :)
p.s. look for a big beautiful Giveaway coming up VERY soon, to celebrate my Blogiversary!


Focus on: rosiemusic

I love art. Specifically, I love indie art. Artists who do their own thing, in their own style, with joy & a bit of retro flair. So, obviously I'm going to love Rosie. Plus, her Home Sweet Home pieces make me swoon a little. The Sunday Morning one above shows kittycats, crossword puzzles & tea (or coffee - I like both). Basically, my idea of a perfect sunday morning!


Vintage Paper & an Owl

Oh happy day! Clarification; the entirety of the day was not happy, but this particular part of it was. But you probably didn't need to know that part. So, onto the happy bit!

See? Now that's some happy stuff going on right there! I got these vintage pretty stationary & ephemera (+ the adorable fuzzy vintage owl) from Etsy shop Kittens at a Party - how could I *not* shop at a place named Kittens at a Party?! I love having such a positive Etsy experience, and Kittens is one of the best.

Here's a couple other goodies from Kittens at a Party's Etsy shop:

I kinda want those owl S&P shakers ... so cute! Now to start getting into writing real letters! Mind you, I find most of this stationary pretty enough to frame ...
~stationary Caren

the one with the sunshadows

yesterday, we took an early evening Autumn walk
the sunshadows made my legs look so long
and Grace was shiny like a copper penny
thank you, sunshine, for soaking into my very self
brightening my day with your effervescent ways

~a sunnier Caren


Thanks for the pastry!

On this weekend of turkey, pie, & giving of thanks, I baked my favourite treat - cinnamon pastry rolls! It's better than pie. It's just flaky pastry with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon rolled up inside it. Be still my beating heart! So, I made up a tray - sadly, this doesn't not amount to as much as it should. It lasted a day, shared with my goddaughter & her(my) family.

For pastry, I always use the recipe found on the Crisco shortening packaging. It's so flaky yummy. It's the same recipe my mom grew up on. Can't go wrong with a classic! What's your favourite pastry recipe?

Happy Thanksgiving Day! I am thankful for the people in my life, for the beauty that surrounds me in nature, and above all, for great pastry.
~a thankful Caren


Saturday is for... Play Dates!

This play date didn't actually occur on a Saturday, but we can keep that to ourselves, right?
That being said, Saturdays really would make for a fabulous play date day!
This particular playful gathering occurred on a Thursday. A most wonderful Thursday, at that.
I spent the day with one of my nearest & dearest, Jennifer of Lucky Jackson fame. She finds herself on my blog quite often, actually. Hi Jen! (I know you're reading...)

My first time in her home, and I fell in love with every little corner! Her studio is stuff of dreams.
The embroidery & vintage plate art is her own work. Swoon!

Jen has the prettiest tattoo I ever did see, she also has the coolest glass cherries in her van.
Grace had the BEST time playing with Jen's daughters. And I sported my new red shoes.

Ellie couldn't wait to get off the bus and start playing with Grace! Clare & Grace are best of friends.
There was a proper Tea served, too (egg salad sandwiches, mini cupcakes, lemon poppyseed loaf!!).

Clare-bear tossed many a leaf at Grace (who was not as impressed as I was).

I hope you get to have play dates! It's Thanksgiving weekend in my country of Canada, so if you're celebrating it this weekend - go and PLAY!
~playful Caren


Owl calendar love

I am agog over this fabulous (free!) Owl Lover 2011 Calendar! You can download a 2011 calendar, using your choice of fabulous owl art for each month of the year! It's almost like a game, picking an owl to represent January, February, March, etc.

4 of the many Owls you get to choose!

This calendar is the child of Shivani (My Owl Barn) and the fabulous talent of 30 artists!
Hurry over to My Owl Barn to enter a fabulous giveaway! (contest ends October 21th).
Owlfully yours,


Grace meets Juliet

I probably don't need to say a word. I mean. Cute overload, or what?!
Grace met a tiny Chihuahua puppy named Juliet. Juliet! And Grace loved her; this is unusual as Grace usually loathes tiny little dogs. The little girl with corresponding purple & pink fashion sense? That's Juliet's little girl owner - who, get this, is named Grace!
I was agog with the adorableness of the entire meetup.
Juliet, however, was more interested in climbing up her mama's leg.


focus on: Emily Hogarth

I love getting mail. This particular parcel made me smile endlessly, as inside the little package from Scotland was a fabulous tea towel & 2 Highland Cow postcards I won from the lovely & talented Emily Hogarth via the equally charming Conversation Pieces blog. The tea towel is a delightful robins egg blue, which is a main colour used in my decor. Bliss!
Emily Hogarth is a textile designer & illustrator living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She mainly works with paper cuts (and not the ouchie kind!). Here's a sampling of some of her stunning work:

above photos from Emily's Website

I know the tea towel is meant to be used, but it's so pretty that I either want to frame it or use it as a table runner. I cannot imagine doing something so mundane as drying dishes with such a beautiful piece of fabric. The postcards will be utilized properly, though!
Thank you Zoë & Emily! You've made this Canadian girl feel like she's a little bit closer to Scotland (where some of my ancestors are from!).

music: Marina & the Diamonds

A sleepless night led me to Much Music & learning of Marina and the Diamonds. And I was smitten. Hope you enjoy these videos too! If not, blame my insomnia. ;)
For Shampain, it's the The Michael Jackson Thriller moves & ABBA-esque sound that did it for me.
As for Oh No!, well, hello pop art! So much crazy eye candy!


Sunday Smile: the cupcakes

Astrid & I baked cupcakes today.

We ate a lot of batter.

Before filling up the cupcake liners with a vintage ice cream scooper.

Pretty little pieces of heaven. For the mouth.

Whilst eating an un-iced cupcake outside, Grace busily begged.

Cupcakes are tasty fresh out of the oven. With a side of apple juice in a vintage glass.


I love a good excuse to wear an apron. This one was so perfect for autumn!

I am eating a cupcake right now.
p.s. Here's Astrid's blog post about our Cupcake insanity.