birthday flowers makes a girl smile

I received a lovely gathering of spring-like flowers yesterday (a birthday gift), a day when this girl really needed a pick-me-up.
The timing was so astoundingly perfect that I called my dear friend Leigh right away and told her just how wonderful she was! I had just had breakfast with her earlier that same day, and realized during our outing that I was too sick to be out. I got home just in time to be extremely ill (I won't go into details) and have been in bed ever since. I've been quite sick since last Thursday, making my birthday weekend somewhat of a damper. So, when flowers arrived around 6pm last night, I was beyond happy to have a little piece of beauty to look upon from my bedside. Leigh didn't know I was sick, so I think she's some sort of angel in disguise.

There's something about receiving flowers, out of the blue, that really does brighten ones day. I keep meaning to be the girl who sends flowers to people, but I rarely actually do. It's such a simple thing to do, and you know there'll be a smile awaiting them on the receiving side. I need to leave notes for myself, reminding me to be the girl who sends flowers.
Have you received flowers from someone at just the right time, to brighten your day?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you are feeling better soon. I had nasty cold that finally ended last week. I also had to cut short an outing with my friend; unfortunately it was on her birthday.

    The flowers are gorgeous...I kind of want to go get some now. Do you know where your friend got them?

  2. hope you had a nice birthday

  3. Julie - they were sent from Pammett's Flowers http://www.pammettsflowers.com/ - they always do such a lovely job!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, ladies! :)


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