Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Hot little number 11 is what Random.org pulled out of the virtual bag!
Which would have meant The Vintage Cabin won, but she took herself out of the running (silly girl!), but that leaves Katie in the #11 spot - so, Katie, say thank you to Becke!

Katie, all I need from you is an address - you can email it to me here: caren@teachickadees.com
I will get your little goody bag out to you licketysplit!
I am excited to be shipping this happy bundle to Taiwan!

Thanks to all who entered, and with all those comments about favourite cakes ... I kind of feel like having another one (like one birthday cake is ever enough!).
~cakeful Caren


  1. Well done Katie! I'm only the teeniest bit jealous!

  2. LOL no no no, well done Becke! :)

    I'm completely stoked - already eying for the perfect corner to house these pretty things :D


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