This is the Charley Harper an Illustrated Life by Todd Oldham book I was given for my birthday. I adore Charley's art, his artistic journey, and his personal story. I love that his art is steeped in nature, that he likes painting fish just as much (if not more) than painting a fox. It's his birds that first drew me to him, though. There's a delightful simplicity to his art that speaks to me. An energy is emitted by his bold use of colour, and strokes of black ink.

It's impossible for me to share all the images I adore from the book - instead, I just took a few close up shots of some pages to present to you. Enjoy!

I created a Pinterest board featuring Charley, too. I keep adding anything that reminds me of his work, or has his work on it. Just added a quilt featuring his birds & a pair of fox mugs to the board! I'm having fun with Pinterest... not utilizing it to its fullest yet, though. It's very much like treasury-building on Etsy!
~Charleyfied Caren


  1. That's a neat book! I like that the illustrations look both retro and modern.

  2. I might want a Charley Harper tat...


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