hello 2011!

even my shoes are daydreaming about the possibilities of 2011!

a new year has begun.
it's a time to look forward,
not backwards.
it's a chance to fill
empty possibility-pockets
with yummy morsels of hopes & dreams.

My last day of 2010 was spent with friends, with laughter, with food, with a polk-a-dot party dress, with Polaroids, with new ideas.  There was only one small hiccup to the day, which was work-based and made me realize I need to create a healthier work environment for myself in this brand new year. I have closed my Etsy shop for a while longer than I intended, in order to focus my energy on other aspects of my Life (ones that I have swept aside but that need to have light shone on & help bloom).
I have no desire to look back on yesteryear, nonetheless yesterday (although yesterday was sweet!). This is a time of now, of the future. To focus on positives, on joy, on creativity, on living!
So, hello 2011. It's nice to meet you. Let's dance.
happy new year, chickadees!
~hopeful Caren


  1. Shine and bloom on sweet Caren! All the very best to you.

  2. Happy 2011, Caren! Must always remember to dance :)

  3. I want a picture of the polka dot party dress!

    And I love your little poem. I'm dreaming of possibilities too and filling up pockets.

    Kisses and a Happy new Year!

  4. Yvonne: thanks so much, & shine on!
    Katie: 'tis true, to dance is to live!
    Emily: happy new year!!
    Annah: i'll have to do a lil photoshoot with the polkadot party dress (alas, no photo from NYE, except pointing down at my shoes!). :)

    Fill up those pockets with a world of possibility!

  5. love the shoes, the dress, & your cheery post full of possibilities & dreams!

  6. Punk: I had those pretty shoes on for a full 10 minutes before I put my moccasin slippers back on!

  7. i am totally enamored with cloisonne right now, too :)
    love this post!


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