Impossible Cameras

I have a shelf full of vintage cameras & The Impossible Project film.
This is a very happy shelf to sit upon:
Full of colour & stories told (and stories yet to be told).
I have this shelf hanging right by my computer station.
I can pause and look up, smile, and be inspired.

The newest addition to this shelf is not a camera at all,
Instead its a package of The Impossible Project pins!
They have no purpose other than to make me smile
(and perhaps to tout my Impossible pride).


Most of the cameras here were from my own/parents past. A couple were thrifted. The orange-yellow Holga was won from For the Easily Distracted. The rainbow Polaroid & Spectra are from Mother Midnight.
My other cameras like to hide, they shy away from being photographed (more Polaroids, a Fujifilm Instax & my digital S5iS Canon).
~impossible Caren


  1. That collection would make me very happy too. I am also getting a bit of a camera stash coming along too - without even realising!

  2. Is that a Brownie Starflex I see? I have one :)

  3. Oh...you know the way to my heart very well. Film cameras and Polaroids—♥.

  4. Elizabeth: yay to an unexpected camera collection!

    CL: we have twin Starflexes!!

    Brand New: it's the same path to my heart!♥ I have had my '70s Pentax SLR since I was a youngin', and it taught me to respect the ways of the film. A ♥ that will never end.

  5. I want to start one just like yours :)

  6. I am jealous of you Diana cameras! I got a Holga for Christmas and I am so excited to try it! We have the same sx-70 and I also have a three pack of TIP film on my shelf! The badges make a nice addition! :)

  7. I am so jealous of your collection! It's so colourful and inspiring!

  8. I absolutely love your Camera display! Awesome Collection!! :)

  9. eep, this post makes me so happy, I love your collection and so happy to see your holga in its new home :)

  10. Jealous of your collection! :)


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