mugs need sweaters, too.

I've been longing to keep my cup of tea or coffee warm whilst sitting in my cold office.
Or even just to keep my mugs from feeling chilly ... y'know, dress them up for winter.
I don't have a knack for knitting or crocheting, or else all of my mugs would have little sweaters.

a little sketch (digitally coloured) I did of a mug shivering without a sweater & how toasty-warm it is wearing one.
cozy Caren
Also, I did an updated drawing of a chickadee sitting on a mug for the header! I'm having too much fun with my graph paper & markers. :)


  1. those are all very cute, your drawing too

  2. Thank you for the honor!

    P.S. Love the sketch! :)


  3. Beautiful sweaters! Oh and that sketch is adorable!!!

  4. this is one trend that i think is so wonderful! i love it. nothing is better than a cup of tea...except a cup of tea with a cozy!

  5. I want to buy all of the mug cozies I featured here ... (maybe I will?)!
    It is a very good trend, as hot drinks deserve to be kept hot longer. :)


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