my teapot collection

above: one of many Polaroids taken of collection (film: Impossible Color Shade FF)

above: Mr Owl, as per usual, had to be in and around all the photography action.

above: There they sit, all in a row. (above them is another addiction collection: vintage vases)

These are my teapots. My happy, belly-full-of-love teapots!
I only have 6 teapots... I used to have 9. Or 10.
I live in a little apartment, so I had to decrease my teapot addiction collection.
I gave one teapot to my mom. Another to a friend. Sold one in my Etsy shop. Donated another.
Now there are only 6. Soon to be 5, as the little green vintage teapot will be sitting in my Etsy shop soon.
I don't have an owl shaped teapot yet, and need to make room for one.

The little (oh so wee!) green '70s teapot has actually never been used by myself. I fell in love with its tiny size, and found a spot on my shelf where it sits so prettily... which is why I think it's time to find it a new home (it needs to be used).

Most of the time, I steep my tea in the little blue Stump teapot (the one with Mr Owl sitting on it). It's larger cousin is the big round orange teapot. Both are made by For Life Design. You cannot go wrong with one of their teapots! (I used to sell them in my Buttercup shop, in fact!)

The paler little blue teapot is handmade, by a local ceramic artisan. I bought it directly from her in her little studio. It's the most I've ever spent on a teapot, but it's worth it. She's a pretty little pot. I tend to only use it for Herbal teas.

The little brown teapot was found amongst my folks' stuff years ago. It was my first teapot. I still love it, in all its '60s earthiness.

Last, but oh so not least, is the tall pot with a big orange dot on its lid. My first online purchase of something vintage! I bought it from Smitten Kitten's Lost & Found years ago; still one of my favourite purchases, ever! I usually only use it when company comes over. It makes me smile whenever my eyes graze its presence.

Truly, any time is a good time to fill a teapot full of love.


  1. great collection! i love the orange spots one!

  2. Ah I love them all sitting in a row! I only have one pot, I must add to that, they're so sweet! I love the tall one, the orange is fabulous!

  3. i want to find a pink one for my bathtime pot of tea!
    great collection, made me realize that a girl CAN have more than one teapot so you have the right one for every occasion!

  4. I'm going to steal both your collections away!

  5. eeep, great teapot collection!! i really admire you for being able to get rid of things you love. i am a major hoarder and i have trouble parting with things. maybe it's part of my only child-ness too. haha.

  6. Elycia - I still have all 3000+ of my comic books, shelves of vintage mugs & glassware, most of my Bettie Page collection, hoards of necklaces & brooches, multitudes of miniatures in the form of cute animals ... and I'm the youngest of five (just to make you feel better ;)

  7. oh gawd i am obsessed with that white and orange teapot.

    & i don't think i've ever been inside your house - maybe we should have a tea date so we can have an excuse to try it out?

  8. that orange dot teapot is amazing!

  9. I really loved this post! The photos totally convey your love for this collection.
    I too am very impressed with your ability to part with loved items. It's something that I need to get better at.
    Also.. I have a pretty awesome teapot that I will share soon!

  10. I love your teapot collection!!!



  11. hi caren
    i recognize iris dorton's teapot!
    what a treasure. my etsy shop is ready to go now, maybe you will want to have a look-see. i have one teapot "who" would compliment your style. as soon as she has a handle i will msg you.

  12. What a beautiful collection. I was gonna ask if you tried any of the Impossible films but I guess you beat me to it. How are you liking it? I do love the blueness.


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