nature : my muse

felt a little off the past while
so i put on my plaid boots & magenta coat
and took off into nature
just me and my camera(s)

while i was musing over evergreens
a big black nose pushed into my side
when i turned around i saw this big old dog
happily snuffling me as i crouched in the snow

the trunk of a tree
can tell stories if you listen
so i stopped by and had a little chat
with a wonderfully moss-covered trunk

i have missed this time with nature
i somehow forgot its energy boost for my spirit
i got too lost inside myself
to remember

i found a spot in the snow
that was untouched by other creatures
and firmly planted my feet in its deep cold warmth
reattaching myself to the ground, to myself

sometimes i wish i lived somewhere that had vast amounts of nature surrounding it, without all the houses and noise in its mix. i used to live in such a place, where the chipmunks & chickadees knew me by name (okay, so i named them, not the other way around). but i love my little street in east city, where nature is but a hop skip and a jump away.
~lowercase caren


  1. beautiful post! Thanks for taking us on your nature walk. If you see that old moss covered tree again, tell him I said that the coloring on his trunk is simply divine!

  2. Mmm, I wish I could just roll around in that snow! It looks so coooool and lovely. I adore the colour of your coat too!

  3. this is exquisitely beautiful!

    i love the stories trees tell.

    that picture of you is fantastic.


  4. Mmm, yes. I was chatting with a friend recently about moving some place where nature was surrounding and plentiful. No traffic, no busyness.. just beauty and life abounding.

  5. Ah, how lovely. it's good to get out and about with nature.

  6. Very nice Caren! I live in the middle of nowhere & don't take little walks nearly enough!


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