the one with the buttercup goodbye

Sometimes I miss owning a shop. A shop called Buttercup.
Sometimes I miss ordering lovely things to stock on the shelves.
Sometimes I miss displaying those pretties on said shelves (and tables & credenzas).
Sometimes I miss the daily influx of people looking for unique things, or just to stop in for a spot of tea.

Yes. Sometimes I still do miss being the Buttercup girl {I'll always be her, though!} in my Buttercup world.
Even Gracie the pup misses being a Buttercup girl (she was the shop's greeter).

A few years ago, I was a shop owner. I did something I had always wanted to do, and I did it my own way. Buttercup & Co. was an "eco-chic boutique" that housed eco-friendly gifts & handmade goodness (mostly from Etsy & local artisans) - not to mention tea and cupcakes! I did everything, from redecorating a bland space to creating my logo & branding, from website design and ordering to baking cupcakes & cleaning. And let's not forget financing (although, I wish I could forget the woes of financing!).

I also had a fabulous group of friends & family who helped me immensely (Michele, Astrid, Martin, Alek, Mark, David, Jonathon, Leigh, Erin, Emma, Desiree, another Erin, Elena, Karen, Melissa, Jen, Rebecca, Chantilly... I keep adding to this list!) with either putting Buttercup together, to taking shifts, to just being a friend who stopped in to brighten my day.
This is what Buttercup looked like:

like childhood.
like friendship.
like cupcakes.
like happiness.
like buttercups!

I used to mention my shop a lot in my past posts (my blog used to be called Buttercupped, as an homage to Buttercup), but I had never done an actual post about my sweet old shop (mostly because closing the shop was such a sad part of my life). I decided to do so now, in blog form, as a way to say a final farewell.  Goodbye, for reals, sweet Buttercup. You were the best.
Buttercup & Co. circa 2007-2009

* I just got Kitschy Digitals clothesline kit, and am already in love! I used it to make the polaroids-hanging-on-a-line images.


  1. caren,

    i didn't know this story and i am so very greatful that you told it.

    what an amazing experience to have in the storybook of your life.

    in the writing of this post, i see your big/little superhero word in action.

    lots of love.


    p.s. "you say goodbye and i say hello."

  2. aw, what a sweet shop and a sweet post. :)

  3. Matt and I talk about opening the same style of store, but it must be a lot of work! I love the idea of cross stitching of sewing behind the counter, and putting what I make straight into the store! I loved this peek into one of your previous lives, next you'll have to post some poems from your book. ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I remember when you ordered my tiles for your shop and I always wondered what your shop looked like. You have such design talent that your shop and logo were perfect!!!! Very sweet and special.

  5. My heartstrings are being pulled, both by doing this blog post & by the sweet responses! Thank you!

    Diane: truly, your magic word spurred me on to further dissection of Risk/Future/Now ... and the perfect song quote. "i say hello", yes!

    Zoe: running a shop is so much better with a partner! I love the idea of you cross stitching behind the counter! I'll see about getting my dear old poetry book off the shelf & onto a blog post (that is somehow more scary than anything).

    Juliette: happiness! Love that you saw this post! And now your tiles are beautifully sitting in my home (which actually looks a little bit like Buttercup).

  6. Now I'm sorry I wasn't reading your blog when you were Buttercupped; I'm sure they were lovely times. But the Caren I know is so full of life and so whimsical, I'm guessing quite a bit of Buttercup is still in you. Here's to even better times ahead, love!

  7. I would have for certain spent time there... hanging out, knitting, eating cupcakes, & chatting people up!
    Buttercup may have closed doors, but lives on in your sweet & warm self! xox

  8. I loved your store! I only went in once, and I bought a rad Archie comics necklace with Veronica saying "You bumpkins! You peasants! You DARE to disagree with me!?"
    I really regret not going in more. I remember I was wanting to go, and then I heard it was closed. I was REALLY sad! It was so lovely! :)

  9. i had no idea you had a brick-and-mortar store. it looks like my kind of shop...

    saying goodbye can be so hard... i'm sorry it was a sad time.

  10. I too had no idea you had a shop! I hope you can open it up again some day and I will surely come and visit!

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  12. Oh my dear, I've always wanted to own a brick and mortor shop. You lived a dream alot of people have. Kudos to you for actually making that happen. And in such hard recession years.wow. Perhaps one day you shall have another.


  13. Hey lovely. I just wanted to commend you for your bravery in being honest with your sadness. I feel as though your frankness gives me permission to be feel and be those not-so-sweet parts, too. Though I love that your posts are normally full of sunshine, I hope you never feel afraid of being real. We can handle it and it's affirming to see you can too!


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