She likes to curl up with her heater.

Gracie loves my portable heater.
It's like having a second puppydog to curl up with.
All she needs is a cushion to lie upon & that grinning hot box to keep her happy!
I found her laying down in front of the heater the other day, but on the naked carpet.
I thought that wasn't so comfy looking, so popped a pillow onto the ground for her.
That pillow, btw, was one my grandma made a very long time ago. Grace, as a puppy, had dug into that pillow & pulled apart sections of it. It's been sitting in my 'to fix' pile ever since.
Princess Grace was pretty stoked about getting that pillow back!

I hope you're finding ways to keep warm these days! ... unless you live in a part of the world where it isn't winter. Then I might be kind of jealous of you right now.
~warm thoughts Caren

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  1. I think I'd like to be Grace right now. Curled up with my favourite pillow in front of a heat source. Wow! Would you serve wine with that?

  2. Don't be jealous of our hot weather, I'd do anything for a little sprinkling of snow! Gracie is such a cutie, I love how my girls are so snuggly in winter.

  3. so cute , love her little bed !

  4. i'm a little jealous of wintery snuggling, actually :)
    but i am enjoying my first winter-less winter here in california.

  5. Oh, how I wish it was winter in my part of the world! Like Gracie, I love to curl up in front of a heater.

  6. One good thing about a cold Winter night - super snuggly warm puppies! Princess Grace has got it made! Our beagle Huckleberry likes to lay on the heating pad (supervised only, of course) with me.


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