Sunday Smile: Dog Blog

comic strip : Zack Hill

This made me smile.
Because, in a weird way, it's true.
For humans, just like it is for dogs.
Sometimes we just don't feel like we're being listened to,
But in the blog world, we are able to voice ourselves a little louder & a little clearer
Than perhaps we do in our "real" lives.
Earlier today, Grace was barking about something that happened outside,
And all I could do is tell her to stop barking... I bet she'd like a blog of her own!
Blog on,


  1. My ginger pup and ginger cat are both napping on top of me right now. I wish they had blogs. I bet they'd complain about me, though. "Cara is warm and snuggly, but she should give me more treats. Like right now."

  2. If Grace had a blog, Rosco would surely read it. Especially if Strongpaw guest posted on it. ♥

  3. um. now I want to do an animated Gracie blog... costarring Strongpaw & their online & "real life" friends. Wish I was an animator! ... but, perhaps I can do it in a relatively bad comic book style?

  4. :) Let Gracie have her blog, will you?

    I think in a way a blog is also like an outlet for the creative voice inside your head that the rational voice sometimes don't listen to.

  5. Katie, you are so right on! It is such a creative outlet for that inner voice we want to have heard. (or something like that)

    I'll see what I can do for Grace... she may not want to share her inner thoughts with the world (she really is a shy pup underneath it all ;)


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