Sunday Smile: sprinkles on top!

A piece of birthday cake
Sat atop a pretty plate
The sprinkles were so many
They spilled over oh so prettily
A candle waited with bright anticipation
To answer her wishes full of imagination
But in the end all she really did need
Was a fork and a tooth full of sweet

And oh, did I ever have a tooth full of sweet!
And her mouth is full of smiles.
~sweet-toothed Caren, who supposedly is fond of making up silly rhymes
p.s. the cake's backdrop is a most wonderful birthday gift; Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life


  1. happy happy birthday to you!

    i love your adorable rhyme.

    that cake looks delicious.

    wishing you a magical year ahead.


  2. Your little poem is gorgeous! I can't wait to eat birthday cake! I was woken this morning with a kiss and an announcement that it's my birthday week, apparently your birthday week starts on the monday before. I wonder if it's acceptable to eat cake on every day of your birthday week!


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