a sunny winter walk, with a flying squirrel

that little bit of awesome in the form of a cross stitched flying squirrel?
that's a Giraffe in a Scarf creation, and my favourite brooch to wear!

the sun is glorious today! I am eating it up as if it was a cupcake.
a cupcake of sunshine!

you'll have to look real close, but I have my Fujifilm Instax camera on me (and Grace is in mid-woof).
Upon finding something to 'shoot, I realized there was no film left... d'oh!

yup, me and my flying squirrel, we are going places.

I hope, wherever you are in the world, that you get a chance to eat some sunshine today, too.


  1. i ate the same sunshine as you today and I agree, it was lovely!

  2. Send some of that lovely cold snow my way, I've had enough of the sun!
    I love that he matches your hat perfectly! I'm so glad he found his way to you. :D

  3. Zoe: I will FedEx some snow your way - enough to fill your entire yard & a bathtub! (or, just move to Canada) ... ;)

    Cabin: I always forget we live only, what, 45 minutes apart? Same sun, same snow - but you have the better thrift shops! :D

  4. The flying squirrel was destined to sit on your hat! He looks so happy in the sun :)

  5. So adorable!!! This post, and after our flying squirrel discussion last night makes want one!

  6. Hi There,
    I just found your blog today (i'm following, yay!) and when I saw this post I had to say hi! A blog about little things that include tea & flying squirrel stitch ups, that's right up my alley! Your sunny day and your little Grace look just about perfect, cheers!


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