the word: RISK

{pretty photo by The Dewdrop Inn}

I saw a late night (early morning) tweet from Diane of The Dewdrop Inn which intrigued me; so much so that I immediately took part in it. Her New Year's Tradition is to put words in a bag & have people pick a word to ponder/react to/inspect/act on/ ... she had a few words left over in that bag & asked if any of her readers would like a word. I did. And she just sent it to me. That beautiful & daunting word you see above: RISK.
My first reaction to that word was a feeling of how apropos that this action-oriented word would be the one chosen for me. How apropos and how ... scary... and important!
I'm a play-it-safe kinda girl. I've risked a lot in my life, and mostly got bit on my behind because of it. So, I tend to shy away from sticking my toe in the deep end of life these days.
Which is entirely too boring.
Too safe.
Too utterly uncreative.
And so, I am taking on this Word called Risk.
It's the word I was trying to find in my vocabulary to use in this Year of Action. So, thank you Diane, for picking such a fantastically superhero-worthy word for me! I will take this big little word to heart.
~a risky Caren
note: acting upon the word Risk does not mean one has to do larger-than-life actions to be deemed "risky" (like jump out of a plane or move to another country - 2 things, btw, that I have pondered doing but haven't done ... yet!) ... I see myself taking risks in small doses - in personal doses. I have already begun taking on this word, even before it was given to me.


  1. caren,

    it made my whole day incredibly bright and beautiful to read this post!

    when i saw that "risk" was your word, i got a sense of excitement and a feeling that it was so right for you.

    to read more about what it means to you is truly a gift.

    thank you for joining me in this project. what an awesome way to start the year, with a superhero big little word!



  2. "I have already begun taking on this word, even before it was given to me."

    love that.

  3. side note: i'm giggling because blogger did something weird and called me "the dew" in my above comment.

    it also gave a funky link to my profile.

    sorry for the technical silliness!




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