the 1963 German magazine

I picked up a couple of these '60s German magazines, entitled Libelle, last year. They were at a church sale, and the 'seller' told me to just take them. I was like, okay, I like free things! So, I ogled them in the car (don't worry, I was a passenger) and was quite gleeful about some of the articles & advertisements. I don't read/speak German, so whatever they're trying to say is lost on me. The pretty pictures more than make up for my lack of German, though.
note: I took German in high school, which got me a trip to Europe when I was around 15/16 years old, but beyond allowing me my first experience getting drunk (beer in Germany, wine in Switzerland), the language didn't stick.

The first photo I saw was the one pictured above. Look at all that vintage luggage!
And then there was a centrefold ... just look at all those smiley happy models all dressed up in the fashions of the day (the striped nighties are my favourite):

This made me giggle - the somewhat childlike crayon drawing of Jackie Kennedy. There were other female celebrities of the time in this article, with the same crayon-look drawings representing them. But the Jackie O one is the best.
Below are two fabulous underwear advertisements. One for women, an awesome illustrated line up of lingerie; & one for men (and boys) in their tighty whities:

Smarties! What a happy-creepy ad!

I enjoy perusing old magazines; to get a feel for the time. My only problem is I'm allergic to their old-musty-paper smell. It's worth a stuffed up sinuses, though, to take a peek at another era.


  1. I love old mags and this one is awesome!

  2. A vintage luggage is forever on my wish list! The ones available online overseas are cute and affordable but the shipping just kills me.

    Locally, they are priced so high I couldn't justify starting a collection at all!

    One day, one day!

  3. a wonderful find! I have some old magazines that I am excited to slice up & use the images in some collage work that I am experimenting with.

  4. These are so nice! I love the crayon looking illustration.


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