breakfast served with love

I sometimes feel the urge to prettify a meal.
Yesterday morning for breakfast, I craved cream of wheat.
It's a warming food; simple & old fashioned.
A perfect meal to go with all my favourite vintage dinnerware!

MmmMmm... brown sugar makes this breakfast complete!
And then Strongpaw the Cat smelled the sweet bowl of goodness.
She hopped up, without hesitation, and stuck her nose into my breakfast bowl!

The Cat actually got a few licks in, too, whilst I had to get up to get my coffee.
Lesson learned: never leave a bowl full of milky goodness unattended with a feline around.


  1. Cream of Wheat has long time been one of my favorite breakfast foods. I like mine super lumpy!

  2. I need to run to the store asap for some cream of wheat now! Yum. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. I, too, need to get some Cream of Wheat. What a yummy trip down memory lane! Thanks!

  4. Cute blog! Cute cat! I love cats!

  5. Mmm. I can almost taste it.
    Must make cream of wheat...


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