Focus on: brightly hued critters!

These are a few new-to-me Etsy shops that are filled to the brim with brightly coloured handmade art. asherjasper : natural toys & accessories (wicked cool needle felting!)
Beau Ideal Designs : printmaking & painting, with a great play of typography
redtile studio : specializing in wonderfully square 6x6 art blocks

I think all of the above would look so wonderfully whimsical in a children's room! Of course, I would have them sitting or hanging in my office; something to look at and be cheered by!

It's a breath of fresh air to find artisans like this; not afraid of colour or fun!
I love colour - I could never live in a world of white. In every place I've ever lived, there has been blue. Always blue. White is important, don't get me wrong. I'm a big believer in white space to give colour a place to grow. I allow for pops of cheerful & energizing orange and yellow to emerge from my neutral blues & whites.

What colours make you jump for joy?
~colourful Caren


  1. Wonderful finds! I am also a lover of blue, but I also like apple green.

  2. apple green! Oh yes! Apple green and cucumber green are so clean and fresh. I guess I like my greens fruity! ;)

  3. They're sooo cute! Love the animals! :)


  4. Oh they are all wonderful! I feel the same way about colour! My go to colour is green, if I have a choice it's always green. Sage green, forest green, emerald green, avocado green, every shade of green!

  5. I saw a photo in SNAP Peterborough, of an artist who painted portraits of animals with bright solid coloured backgrounds. They looked really neat! Here's the link: http://www.snappeterborough.com/index.php?option=com_sngevents&id[]=237162


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