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This is a post dedicated to the wonder of corduroy
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I love how the artist, Jen Ray, attaches little words of affirmation/wisdom to some of her work.
The little yellow bird who fell down on his bum needs to get up, and yes! "you can do it"!

Visit her website & her etsy shop for further little wonderments.


  1. how sweet is this Caren! I wonder if I would regret it if I snuck that little yellow fellow in my tattoo somewhere. We all need encouraging reminders in our everyday life.

  2. Love this shop, especially the mugs :)

    How to get over this insane jealousy of an artist?

  3. Oh this is adorable! Thanks for the introduction!

    And Thursday - I think the little yellow guy as a tattoo would be amazing. If I was still in my tattooing years I'd be seriously thinking about commissioning a design from Corduroy right now!


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