a little Holga love

I finally developed my first roll of Holga film. My sweet yellow-orange Holga 135BC that I won from a giveaway over at For the Easily Distracted. My sweet lomo Holga is definitely the brightest camera in my collection, and is now quite possibly my favourite. I loved how the photos turned out: the vignetting is beautiful! The double exposures that I played with didn't work out like I expected, which only makes it more fun. The above shot of Astrid wasn't even intended to be something so funky - how awesome that my Holga decided to do something so cool with it? My favourite part is how my bird painting on the wall is double exposed over the heart in Astrid's hands. Oh, Holga, you are so cool!

Remember the winter ducks post I did a while ago? I had taken some Holga shots that same day, and I love how contrasty the one above came out. Good lord, why do I use a digital camera & edit them with filters to make them look like a Holga shot naturally looks like? I didn't have to do one spec of editing on any of these shots. I am so in love.

We have a wonderful outdoor ice skating canal in my town. I've never actually skated upon it, as I'm extremely clumsy and unsure-footed ... and don't own ice skates. But, I love to watch the people skating & playing hockey. I need to go more often ... next time, I'm bringing hot chocolate.

I even got a self portrait in with the Holga! This is the first shot I took with it. I find self portraits to be quite difficult, which is why I love my Canon digital - it has a swivel LCD screen so I can actually see myself when I shoot. I was pretty pleased with how this shot came out, though, because of the shadow & the contrast.

Astrid scored this awesome vintage wool aqua jacket recently - we both loved the perfect blue & the amazing retro style, but didn't notice the polar bear on the back until after! We both swooned. Sweetest jacket, ever! And the Holga really captured the colour ... once again, love the contrast & skin tones this lil plastic camera brings out!

I've been a film photographer longer than I have been digital, and my newfound love of lomography has helped my Creative Self become a louder voice. Polaroid, Diana, Holga and my dear old Pentax ME SLR are my go-to cameras ... I just don't go to them as oft as I want to. I think I'll stock up on some expired film and play a little more. Possibly get some accessories for them, too.

So, you will see me with my happy yellow Holga quite often!
I have these shots, as well as a few others from my Holga, on my newly-Pro Flickr account


  1. Love love love times a million and three! You are one talented lady with a camera Caren!

  2. yay for holgas!! Such wonderful photographs!


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