on a winter's night

tonight, the snow fell sweetly to the earth

beckoning this girl to step out into the night
she took three cameras to try and capture the sights
a holga, a polaroid, and a digital too
but mostly she turned her face upwards to watch the sky fall

a winter's night, full of snowflakes and light, is a magical sight

note: 2nd photo is a polaroid shot: Spectra camera using Impossible's Image film


  1. Love that snow on your hair, so pretty!

  2. What a lovely post!

    The photos (and your words) are so very beautiful ... as I sit here in the heat and humidity of Australia, your visions of snow are wonderful indeed.

  3. I love the Polaroid - what a great snowy night image!

  4. this is fabulous! & I adore that photo of you!


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